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Saturday, May 3

ironman came to ou for a date with miss amelia

seriously i am this lame :)
care to sit trough class with me in coll??
thank god rach has sarcasm.
she works with me :D

i almost got into an accident today.
on the way to subang, this effin kancil driver
came out and stopped at the junction.
i almost got killed fuck!
there was this bus behind us sumore.
ish that fucking bastard!
not girl driver okayy. it was a guy!!

i edited this because i was too bored la.
takes forever to reply my sms

aaw. what a couple.
they even look alike!
aaron and delia :D

iwannastealthat jacket miss DULCIE

apparently this is ethel's
urgh face -.-''
this is so not urgh!
damn ethel is like 170cm!!
i hateeeeeeeeeeeee youuu.
well i do but ... i don't..

you know i♥youuu.

psst. i tersnap a someone someone in the background!

damn enjoy my sweet right?! i know i know.
i also know you don't read my blog.

so i'm like blogging for nooone to read -.-"

amelia is the lamest of them all :)

fairest i dont think so.

butbut, fairer than YOU!!


this is
dulcie and ethel.
two of the ppl i watched ironman with :)
i asked them to gimme a *ugh face*
this is what i got.
fucking posers!
damn you damn youuuuuuu!~~~

see. more like a swimming pool right?!

the secret recipe there is fckn huge!!
damn i like the upstairs ;)

the surroundings look more like a condo villa.
than office blocks.
can i shift there asap??? lol

moms new office.
cant wait to see what it'll look like after

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