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Thursday, May 22

i've been COOK-ed!

david cook has won the american idol season 7 title!
thank gawd he won,
firstly, he's cute!
secondly, he's hot!
thirdly, he's sexyyy!
okokayy, enough for my shallow-ism
i basically like COOK cuz,
1 he sings my kind of songs; ROCK
2 he sings current songs!
3 he is american idol material!

plus he's got style, :)
bi, can i dress you up like him?
lol,you can be my guinea pig :):)
but i guarantee you'll be suppa duppa cute aight

anyways, i'mma have to go off,
lecturer's giving me looks adee.
cuz i'm constantly typing.
ps, i also updated on BeaBubu's blog
check it out :)

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