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Monday, May 26


the last ride we sat on ;)
car no 188,
the one i banged into banyakbanyak
*on purpose*

the only group shot in which i did not potong anyone's head :)

really really tired, and shocked from the flash

i think the caterpillar was hinting!
when it finally came, it was crying :(
and just as we were next in line,
the guard said, "TUTUP!!"
damn dulan lorr, we waited for like 30mins plusplus k!
whilst waiting for the caterpilar, i curi a shot of this baby. he was in front of us in the line. so all four of us monyet's started playing with him :) comel-nyee
louis and bi said chi looks like smthg outta ju-on here. but damn nice la this shot :) my SKILLS
the bi and i ish, so thts what happened to my hair!
the chi and i again! chhiiiibaiiihh, wtf happened to my hair!

the CHI!

i punye 3 monyet :)
foohaw "see what"
louis"smoking *phfft* "
chichi "ahahaass"

and the shorty which is me
snapping photo's of every random thing!

the foohaw.
whole day gila!

the louis is driving :)
thank god he didnt ko at the wheel

the chi woke up late and parents left her house late too!
so we ta pau'ed for her and picked her up at

breakfast @ mcD
saw glimpses of asses.
and banged into pn ting :)
she remembers my name!!!
teacher i miss youuu!

the birthday girl, I AM! little miss princess :)

the normal group pose :) aaw aren't we all just so cute !

lala group pose :) i always force people to do this. so i can make fun of them later! OH well, you are only 18 once :)
lala pose 2008!

haha! when bi snapped this photo, i just had to put it up! HILARIOUS!! besides, its a wonder the camera lens didnt crack!

people on the right

people on the left

my twin

pamelah V :)

nicole :)

daughter mommy and son-in-law
the pawpaw sudah hilang!

nichi city! :D

me being a drug addict xD
shaun the sheep and melissa :)

shermaine's twin; SHERMAN!

melissa shermain and the bday 'teh ais'
super fckn huge lorr!
and all of us there; about 9 of us!

louis's prostitute pose!
summer splash?

lee shermaine

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