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Friday, May 23

Tongue Tied - faber drive


One day without your text,

And my heart would cease to beat,

One week without your face,

And I could just lose it,

I hope you know,

Now and forever,

That I do care,

Even tough I’m ice,

You’re the fire that warms me up

Puts a smile on my face no matter what

Always cheers me up,

And loves me tough whatever,

No matter how many tears may fall,

Or words may cross,

You never fail to make my day,

In every possible way,

Just a simple smile,

Is all you need to say,

That I love you,

Please stay….

I am Amelia,

Do not steal my words,

Its just, plain mean.


Sometimes we try our utmost hardest to reach the things we love, or the people for that matter. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t make a difference; if that person doesn’t want to be reached. Gosh, I’m sounding so very emo. But I promised to blog about someone, and I have J

In fact, I’m happy, no overjoyed, no no, I’m proud that I have the courage to even write it J baby, I hope you read it. You know its for you

Today I have officially wasted 4hours in the hospital doing nothing! Only to find out my scoliosis is noe 1..7degrees higher -.- cbcbcbcbcbcb! And I think I’m shorter than before!! CBCBCBCBCBCBCBCCBCBCB

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