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Sunday, May 18

twinkle winkle

credits to alicia
for this awesome pic!


you know you love me?
don't you :P:P
gossip girls!

mandy baby :) she's so pretty!
another PINK FREAK!
oops, fanatic

en choki-choki! i damn miss you laaa! never see you anymore. :( since f5 is over, i don't get my monday daily add-math and brandon dosage anymore :/
alicia and i and another hand?! wtf is with these people and hands! mcb!
she's supposed to come to my house
and i'm gonna dress her up put make up on her
and then she'll run off with my clothes and stuffx!
damn she had it all planned out :P

truly my daughter! so smart wan. :)

me, a hand and delia?

Shalini and I
part II

shalini and i part I

shalini the daughter of darkness i asked for a stupid face she gave me angry? maybe she doesnt like my camera? ayee!

alicia song @ the daughter with her mommy hair!
this aaron looks damn alot like delia's aaron no shits!

dulcie said "i have ice-cream and i'm not afraid to use it *lick*"

so so bad to have mirrors around! plus i slouch till i gave myself an extra 10pounds! (lbs)

i'm twins! ahahaa. cutest twins ever *perasanted-ness in abundance*

see! i really can eat :) to all those people who don't believe meeeee!!

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