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Friday, June 13

its Friday the 13th!

its friday the thirteenth!
everyone seems to have a stigma on this day :/
why is everyone so scared huh??
its just a date ya know :)

no worries :D
i promise!

headed to college at 10am
for rehearsal with miss su,
initially thought i'd be like
the only one from my class.
shockingly, almost all of them
were from my class! lols
sherman, shytheng and ever chuen
made it. :)

finished at 12 and started bumming around
in room1. we were sorta lazy to head out
so we just sat there stoning waiting for nothing.
all of a sudden, in walks alvina! lol!
*speak of the devil weihh!*
we headed to mcD's to get our
daily dose of junk and lunch :)
my drug!

i want sushiii!
okayy, thats so random but
lately i've been craving for Japanese
food like crazy!

headed to alvina's
and ate mcD whilst crapping about
random stuff! teehee,
waited for Rachelle to reach.
she reached pretty quickly.

finished our surveys and headed back
to college just to get the
stuff approved :)
thank god miss may approved almost
she only canceled like two
questions and complained
about our grammar.

unfortunately ms jo wasn't
there :/
so we couldn't get our
ad survey approved :/


you i do :)

♫yr my hunny bun, shugar pie!

you know that i love youuu♫

Say it again for me

Cuz I love the way it feels when you are
Tellin me that I'm
The only one who blows your mind
Say it again for me
It's like the whole world stops to listen
When you tell me you're in love
Say It Again

muka tembok!

whispers of an angel...

i'm lazyy!!

wednesday afternoon boredom. i need my spice in life!

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