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Wednesday, June 4

photo assignment and then, SOME

chuen and i were saved from the rain; for the
most of it. cuz we hit wondemilk for the PASSIONfruit iced soda!
yuummm, PASSION!fruit :)

getting caught in the rain makes people desperate!

the LEAK!! ishish

my college FLOODED!! O M G! oh mah gawwd, for you noobiess.

cows need mask too?? o.O!!

a talking box of chocolates!
EMERGENCIES only hunnay!

stolen from wondermilk :) i guess being a shoplifter isn't a choice?!

so healthy! DRINK MORE MILK!!!

chuen at alvina's house:D sorry hunn. i was testing my cam on you :) teehee. kawaii nehh
(also very funny la *sniggers*)

calling all kelvins :)

photo's are so underrated :)
just looking around can show you the most random things
and yet :) someone actually thought about it!
makes you think. huh?

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