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Sunday, July 6

7th July 2008

dear delianna tan mei yi!

happy belated bday post!
your birthday was on the 4th of July
and by your first hand report I can
tell you had an absolute blast! =)

but AH-HAH! I wished you trough sms on the date ;)
only my post here is late =PP

awesomeee. HAPPY BELATED BDAY POST hunn.

i've been really really busy with life and college lately.
exams are coming soon you see,
and the result of enrolling in an industry based college
is experiencing no honeymoon's during college!
=/ phfftttt**
rather, we end up working as students.
my post have been black because i'm just blogging
announcements to tell ya'll why there's a lack in
updates ;D
i'll be back soon.

spent my weekend in ou and the curve
saturday and sunday respectively. had hectic times!
almost die'd from being really really stressed!
thanks to the boyfriend and the friends for being there!
you guys are the best, ya know?!

i was in ou yesterday from like 12smthg till about 10!
i though parking was rm1 the whole day!
oh nooo! my parking bill was like RM7! wtfxx

well, i had to pay anyhoo!
if not i cannot get out what!!
fucking parking system tipu me!
mah chih bye'h!

sorry la. promised not to swear so much la,
butbutbut, only in msn and real life.
blog is sorta a diary, so i get to curse kan?!


just venting =)
like not taking drugs la.
tahan lama lama.
eventually when you let it out.
its HUGE ;)

someone said i'm pwettttttyyyy
well, they say it la.
but usually i don't believe.
cuz, the one who matters hardly says it.
soooooo 'urmmm' *hinthint!*

just joking!

i'm still a little sick!
lack of sleep resulted in ulcers and alot alot of PAINNN!
but i haven't a choice.
shooting a advert in print and commercial
can be a not so silent KILLER!

the advert is just for a college assignment,
so no, you people watching us run like mad in OU,
its not gonna be on teevee.

i'll post it on youtube.com soon k =)

today headed to curve for editing.
touch up's
and the print d.
i was the *ahemahem* 'model'!
me! 5feet smthgsmthg. and modelling!
oh well, i wasn't dreaming.
guess i won't pinch me =)

i was a princess and a clown.
will get the pics and show you later on la k ;)
6,7 and 8 mb takes damn long to load lorr.
make's me lazy to upload.

reached back from curve at 11smthg. -.-
first time i stayed there so long and didnt do any walking to shop
or see stuff for me.
actually got la.
but like on the way stopstop.
TWIce only la k!
i'm considerate.

gtg now..


** means thinking yeah, not in convo **

me:bibi, sorrrrrrryyyyyyy.
<3 style="color:red;">him: bi, nvm, i love you little bit more.
me:huh? means i like, dont love you!?
him: nola.
love love. but you said you love me infinity marr!
i love you infinity square!

me: **where got such thing!?** HUH!
buttbuttttt, aawww so shweet.
him: bi, i eat sushi first!
me:*omg i'm like craving it!*
urhhhmm,i wannntttt.
you meanie! temptingtempting!
him: kk sms you later. i go makan first!

me, whilst stoning in midori : -.- whalamak! kena potong sotong betul!
and summore tempted!
seriously craving sushi, could tahan.
and then, he told me he makan sushi!

Hey, I never said the post was short, now did i?! :D


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