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Thursday, July 31


i'm so so bored.
hence me blogging.
even tough i'm just really quite lazy.
nothing to do = nothing to blogg?
makes sense, no?

so today i decided to be a nerd and
study Mass Comm,
psst; exams like next tuesday -.-
i usually study 3days prior only.
unless like super duper major or smthg la.
no jokes there, going out is worth it.

tuesday was Communications English.
studied the 1st 2nd 3rd and 0 conditionals like
a madwoman! well, nothing else to study WHATT!
english la doink.
and according to my 18 years of life,
i broke a record!? *IadmitIamlame*

stepped into the examination room
5 or so minites late -.-
alvina and i headed for breakfast
earlier, cuz i was obeying my tummy's call.

but whassay, both of us got outta the exam hall
pretty early.
not being a narcissist la!
being un-nerd-like.
or trying.

i've been asked why i feel so nerdy.
and have started to admit to it even
haha, I"M A CUTE NERD!
so fuck off!

pun intended.
a certain lecturer's brainwashing has seeped into my brain.
i therefore have to admit and adhere to being a nerd.

and you dimb-bulbs who keep asking
where my college is.
its in D freaking U
wanna find me?
book appointment first la.
who knows, i probably dunwanna see you also la right?!

that was tuesday.
called dad to fetch me from coll
and he says,
'so fast!? you got do yr exam wan anot!?'

damn wtf_xx

my father thinks i am skipping exams?


moving onto wednesday.
MCB really,
advertising paper!
as much as i love miss jo.
advertising is just so boring to study =(
its all fact and numbers
and almost exactly like
studying sejarah (HISTORY) !
just that its advertising history =(

AYE mami!

i studied rush rush for it.
killed myself over those 12 chapters =/
managed to finish reading everything

just that i didn't really
know if anything
went into my head =.=
so useless right??

rushed to college a little earlier.
no jams thank god!
headed to the foyer and
met vina and classmates.
they're worse than i am.
seriously like a
newspaper company.


it made me laugh a little.
creactive's people were doing some work
on their area.
they gave us a few tips.

i forgot the tall girls name and jun.
thanks guys :)

gave me a lil more confidence
of which i initially had none

although 3 hours were allowed.
i stepped out after 2hours smthg.
i had finished, checked and
was a little frozen.

woulda stayed if it wasnt so chilly.

but i behtahan.
went to foyer to meet vina.
went to 7-11
and we did a spot of
shopping :)

*ah! girls and uptown!
a shopping mecca for a cheap skate*

*well only some things are cheap,
if you know where to go*

went to the corner shop after failing to find
anything i fancied.
met more classmates.
had my ice tea :)

shuit cha la! i just like makin it glam!
its not a crime!

dad picked me up.
headed home!
and KO'd on the couch.
exams tiring.
and some bloody mosquitoes
just despise letting me
sleep soundly.

owh well, thats all for now.
going to go back to studying
chapters 3-6 for mass comm.
seems i have lost chpt 5!

damn, i'm a ditz!
till next time!`

shoutout: baybee i still heart you.
i forgive you, forgive me too?

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