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Saturday, July 12

this is my 200th post =)

this is my 200th post!
awesome-ness ♥™
this post is dedicated to
the boyfriend and our daughter
alicia :)
and ah-john too.
any links i have linked
you are welcome to take a
peek. everyone named, with the exception
of john has a blog ;)



SEXY CAN I ?? ;)


darling, i ♥™ you.
credits to lillian yap for the awesome photography.
she also blogs, hence the link, click it people!

as most people know.
i do like my boyfriends to dress semi-formal.
well i love the 'office style' shirts with jeans and sneakers ;)
oh so sexay.

unfortunately this bf is a lil lazy.
=/ *hmmm*
but still he does dress up for me from time to time :)
daisek bibi
you always make me smile.
sometimes you say the silliest things,
which are quite hilarious.

yr crazy just like me.
you sayang me whenever i get all emo
and bratty.
and you love me infinity squared
(and more than more)

i dont know when that was invented!

you took me by surprise.
stole my heart
and and and...

baby, i lve you
yeah boyfriend! you awesome!
psst, his name is foohaw,koh
and whassay, he blogs!

my super hot daughter.
Alicia Nicole Song
damn she's so tall,
she's probably got a foot over me,
oh well! i suppose she's meant to be taller
than her mom anyways.

but she loves to say
"i got it from my mama!"

she also blogs!
ah, a family of bloggers :)

and last but most certainly not the least,
i dunno your full name son.
but i still blogged about you :)
so *SMILE*
thanks for putting smiles on
alicia's face :)
she's pretty when she smiles aye.
yr a nice guy.
pretty fun too.

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