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Sunday, August 3

i wanna be kate moss!

wondermilk light :)
hellow you!

i was feeling random.
i've seen people do this sht.
why i took it, i have no idea.
like i said, i was being random larh!

walked the whole of ou.
and ended up with nothing but
4pairs of shoes! -.-
shoe-a-holic enough for you?

more new shoes! :)
i don't care much for the price tag until, i check my wallet :S hehehe but some shoes are just to cute plus having the same size feet as mommy,
there's extra inscentive :D

this light thingy comes from wondermilk @Rm80.
its one of a kind and can only be found there.
posting it here means i want it laa!!

someone buy it for me pls?

i did cut my hair.
and its short for the moment.
my fringe isn't exactly listening to me either.
its like not where its supposed to be.
will be just in shape for prom :)
*crosses fingers?*


little loolooo :)

uncle sherman a.k.a Ms Ngo Mou Lo
(Miss Brainless)

cherio` time to eat pizzaaa

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