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Saturday, August 23

IACT Prom 08 @ Royal Bintang

its time to blog and hear me rant about

1) prom 08
2) the after party at Scarlet

prom for me started at 2pm.
headed to Royal Bintang for practice.
good god!
so friggin cold la.
andand, its so damn small :(:(:(

plus massive traffic jam everywhere.
almost 60% were late ):
at least we had a good turn out.
noone forgot to come.

anyhoo, our performance was so so last.
so our practice was also so so last la.
haha prema's spot was sorta almost taken by this giant stupid plant!
we squished ourselves up tough.
stage was like teeny tiny -__-

went up to the room around 3 or 4.
damn ass lift, needs a card just to get up! -__-
we only had one card, meaning we had to borrow the boy's
room card -___- x__x
stupud fucking lift!
so so inconvenient.
plus they gave us such a small room -__-

about 10 girls crammed into the room.
goodness, the toilet was like flooded -_-
so KANASAI laa.

food was mediocre only la.
not to say i managed to eat much.
hopefully baby ate enough to cover the cost (: hee`

performed and was facing this bloody mirror!
as if stage fright wasn't enough
and they had taken the stairs away.
so, short short me,
had to jump onto the stage -.- madder!

went to change after that.
decided to head to sanctuary.
but so full, last minute change to scarlet (:
we werent alone!
almost all familiar IACT faces were there.

before which.
alice and i teman-ed kevin to park at cineleisure.
fucking machine!
made me walk up to the hotel alone ):

ahha, but i banged into jay chou on the way up la.
not bad, he quite yeng.

oooh, situation was.
i paid parking.
went to car,
slipped ticket into machine thingy.
machine says :this machine is out of order:
ticket doesnt come out.
beam does not move up! -___-
kanasai, stuck there.
i walked up, told front desk the prob and solved (:
went to scarlet.
party kaokao.

i am currently in love with black label.

masuk around 12, headed to toilet so many times -.-

not to puke laaa!

came out when the lights came on.
abt 3 or 4?
i cannot remember la.

brought maine maine all the way to kayu.
she and man damn wasted.

disclaimer, i am not addicted to ciggs.

CTRL and + to enlarge.
CTRL and - to shrink.

iAngel (:
wheee` pams mask

the iDevil baby (:
advertising Henessy..

at scarlet.

miss su!
aka dance guru
aka lecturer
aka make up artist
aka emcee
aka .....
the list keeps going on!
haha miss su hebatt!

i nanako and rachie (:
teeheee, nanako.

jap exchange student (:
gila takoyaki.

so so cute!

winnie and i

esther, Z and i (S:)
lamppost siaaa.

shyshy and i + a ghost behind

sandra, i and cynthia (:

renee and i
miss model :)

i with rachie and alice

chloe jiejie, i and farah (:

baybee and i (:
+ pams mask (:

albert stole mine :(:(
after tht ivan stole it....


now its in dannys car

-___________- ""

shermaine, alice, i, alvina, li chuen

nanako, rach, clement, melia, kevin, karmen, sherman, chuen, ken, alice, sharmaine

nanako is a 16 yr old
Japanese exchange student :)

hence the kimono,
nanako, kawaii nehh!

sharmein, felicia, shu mei, li chuen, i, michelle (:
dancers for prom :)

kevin and i (:
my twin brother
who's shifted to 'The One Academy'


karmen, i and chuen :(
poor karmieeee, she kena potong.

sayang! we got no piccie togetherrr :(:(

me and chuen (:
i really am that `tall`

fareed aka shaun kingston
naz aka gangsta
melia aka shugarshorty (:

i and naz (:
phewh, no cigg in sight :P

danny i and chuen + rachies pinky -__-

danny and i.
fuiyoh! so red weih danny boy!

yala, us :) sick or addicted :P

chuen and i again.
she said i drank too much.
black label black label black label!!

chuen and i
andand Rachelle's lala fingers :P

i'm taller then Chen!
p.s: he's 6'2? 6'3?

::go figure::

kanasai. only chuen got a good shot!
who's the photographer weih?!

ah` finally.
all looking erm quite sober la.

chen is so-called modelling

chuen and i again!
before heading down.
the pics here cuz i look like a bird!

view from the room, so damn bloody
small larh, lucky we didnt stuff our 7asses there!

looloo (: aka Nicky
punk/neo goth

my smexayy seniors (:
Mich & Pam

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