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Sunday, August 17

lazy sunday

oh so random!

headed to baybee's house around 12.
watched love guru and enchanted!
like finally! :)

walked back to mayang with baybee around 4 and forced
miss mel mel to wake up from her pig-time and come to
rileys to foos with baybee and i.

kena force to foos -_______-

nolarrr, its actually quite fun.
just like pool! :) heee``

but baybee bully us la durh.


i shall go train with darling mel.
and we shall come back and whack kao you next time!

bwahahahahh! *evilevil laughs!*

mel! sunday swimming and one of the weekdays we go pool and foos!

cuz basically, i am hopeless in snooker.
seriously! even till now.
ever since my first lesson a few months back.
i still suck big time.
my number one reason!
the table too big larh! *all you snooker fanatics must wanna kick me now*

hardy harhar!
you do not kick a girl
especially when she's tiny! like meee``

5footer! SIBEHHH

oh well, i shall be back! with a vengeance!
next time i foos with you bi, i shall at least try
to give you a hard time scoring.

its pretty fun laa. i admit :)

after rileys headed to mosin for a drink.

baybee left for basketball around 5smthg.
sat awhile more and chit chatted with mel.

headed to my house to get her cheque.
headed to pm after that

bought a tonne of the fish thingy i like :)
i know my breath is gonna stink!

currently at home berblogging

and watchin badminton!


i love spending time with you,
even if i get bored,
yr all that matters :)

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