@ameliachantalle (:

Saturday, August 30


51 years and counting.
Malaysia turning 51 is just another
reason to party the night away..

even with me CG un-finished.
i can't think of muchly anything else. (:
yea, you know me don't you hunny (:

sorry classmates. won't be joining you guys tonight.

promised to spend time with the boyfriend (:
whee`` he's coming to see me D:

yea! like finally weih!

heading to williams and then just waste time till 1am.
EHbaby need car!
next time dont say no!

after 1, heading out with yuki and hideki
wtf weih! as if i know jap ppl. SIBEH!
actually its just Chi and Louis (:

k la k la. lazy and forgotten what i wanna type out.
so buh-byee!

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