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Thursday, August 14

my sooper roller coaster week.

my editing rocks socks!
*not as good as kiwi's la*

prom is coming, prom is coming!
i can't wait!

Clinique roadshow @ UiTM, Shah Alam.
good god it was hectic.
bloody arse hot la.
its a part time job thats super dooper fun :)
like seriously laa. but a little screwy.
`nuff said, UiTM is 10% girls 5%guys 85%gays!

tuesday :p
woke up at 12 smthg :)
wheee! sleeping in late.
but because i woke up so late, badan sakit sakit everywhere :(
i'm AN OLD LADY!! CB! MADDEERRRR -__________-
wait for ah chuen to come over :P ahahaa,
i can't believe i'm so ah-pek-i-fied. rachelle would be freaking out :P
yeah Rach, freak out for me :)
teehee, even tough i'm making it sound
so gay. nothing and i mean NOTHING
is more gay than P-R-A-K-A-S-H!
*inside joke*

finished my facebooking asked dad to drop us to ou.
no car to drive :(
sad case btl! ade licence, tak de car!
watched sex and the city for free.
for a malaysian version.
not bad weih.
the kolot people only cut the kissing scenes.
sex scene didnt get all blurred and blahed out.

pergi makan makan @ sushi Zanmai :)
love love love.
small portions. but awesomeeee, non the less.

Sushi Zanmai!

unagi nagi nak lagi :)

some dumbdumb radish i totally hate!
*makes face*

tuna mayo :)

curry udon :P

salmon maki

california temaki

went back to Zara to get my hoodie.
another hundred bucks well spent. :)
i say it to ease my conscience,
its my one days pay :(
little pay.
hahaha plus i talktalktalk only waattt.

after tht ran to TGV for special screening of

Don't Mess With The Zorhan.
ahahaha damn funny!
seriously a must watch!
out of 5 stars it gets 3.5.
its pretty funny.
after you watch the movie.
get the dvd!
its something which will cheer you up on a
gloomy blue day :)

click click this! MYC

Thank you MYC people!

urhmm, i can't remember what i did.
but i'm pretty sure i was just lazy and
unproductive larh.
ooh oh! i went for dancing and a wake.
daddy's cousin's mom passed away.

headed to Sierramas after dance practice.
the photo they used was so so pretty!
GAWSH. timeless beauty.
how i wish i was one.... sigh.
koi pond & waterfall

after the prayers i sneaked away.
to the koi pond and waterfall.
my cousin found me after awhile.
and i was so so enjoying the quiet time
sigh :)

i ended up camwhoring there cuz the vintage car
is irresistible!

chuen looks like a small girl.
you are so veryvery ke ai :)
enjoyy bangkok la k
i want some souvenirs!

chuen and moi.
all dressed for dance :P
she's leaving for bangkok without me!
patutlah i buat muka muka macam
perempuan giler.

Rest In Peace grammy Marie.
i'll be missing you.

*moment of silence please*

The Biasa :P
Clinique roadshow number 2.
these universities really are sucky.
changing our locations last minute!
you promised us them locations,
what the fuck are you doing now.
screwing with us when we've finished setting up
trying to impress the big boss.

GEEZZ, giving us such a bad image.
making us look bad in front of the client.
sad case you know!
what the TOOOOOT is wrong with you fucktards laaa!

i didnt do much of anything but sleep
sleep and SLEEP!
i slept at 12.30smthg ish yesterday.
woke up at twelve today.
had some curry puffs.
watch some teevee.
and continued sleeping from 1-5pm.
i still want to sleep -.-
i'm mad, i know,
seee seeee.
how boring am i la madder.

and tomorrow will be another boring boring day for me.
unless i do smthg la.

sunday sundayyy, baybeee's crib day
can't you feel the x's and o's?

when i miss you, i camwhore!

i can be lala too

cuz you'll always be my baby

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