@ameliachantalle (:

Sunday, September 14

crazy lazy weekend.

my reason for smiling,
i love you...

thanks to our gracious host and hostess (:
louis and chi (:
lovely bbq

the original (:

and after a few days.
i blinged i up (:

in progress (:

the whole thing (:

since the recipient has recieved it (:
i can post it up.
gave it to baybee last night.

the top (:

the front side (:

the side.

the back side.

chi (:

john, hazel, maine and eng eu*{i dunno how to spell yr name}.

ex advertising classmate!
miss you byk byk.

o.O i am tall aren't i?! (:

baybee and chi sayang (:
this looks so very wrong!
i'm holding his balloon sausages (:

yesyes, i have gutter brains.

randomness but,
sherman really loves to violate my camera!
haha, he always shoik sendiri wan
lorr. hmmm?

i love you more and more everyday.

why is I so so short?!
take 1 full length failed ):
take 2 SUCCESS (:

couple no2.
Zarul and Jazzlyn (:
sweet couple!

hazel:: Jazz, got cicak woi yr lantern!
Jazzlyn :: harr? dreaming ar you?! where got!?


the two killers a.k.a our host with the fire.
they almost killed me last night.
keep adding onto the fire -__-
i think i got cancer jor!

so romantic horr?
these two killers!

my name (:

the pole with flash (:
sian hoo and junyang + shermans
a.k.a the "raining tower of wax!"

the pole and a ghost?

the pole (;

3org posing with pole take 1
aiyak-__- cibai,

3org posing with pole take 2 (:

sherman posing with the pole -__-

jazz, zarul & hazel's creation.
looked really pretty without flash.
but couldn't really be seen ):
dulan horr?!

louis and chi's
)can actually see chi's ass there, sry dear!(

sian hoo's SLK
(small little kancil)

zarul and jazz's
evo (:
zaruls second wife.

baybee's kembara.
i admit laaa, its not as small as i thought
its pretty spacious.

nice number plate (;
who's huh? HUH??

my ANAK version 1 (:
baybee made it.
(dunno why the hands like clapping le, its a poodle)
haha with alot of nerve wrecking moments (:
unfortunately i left the flower and Anak Version 2(teddy Bear)
in louis' place ):):
baybee stress sial making my flower ):

sorry baybee... sayang sayang k

evelyn toh (:
she's such a sweetheart laaa.
this woman can just blab
anything in a second!
she's heading to Canada soon tough ):

au wilson!
lamalama tak borak borak :P
i finally said hi again (:

damn i miss you babe (:

thanks to bibi<3<3 and kiwi<3 for blogging about me (; and and thanks for the V :D

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