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Sunday, September 7


I am here to write you a post.

Hmmm..., For everyone to know,
I have been with this girl for 3 months and 5 days.

Erm, she is a 70% good gf and 30% naughty gf.
the good gf is she quite syg me. What oso let me do but I always not free.
So dun worried larh bi.
I cant do anything. not like you, can go OU anytime.
Somemore ask permission to go out with other guy. Fuiyoh~~~ action larh you.
But I am proud that, some one date my gf *SyokSendiri*=) BUT I DON'T ALLOW!
Oh yah, everyone, don't think this girl here is an Angel. Acually she is angel with horns and fork.
She always love to bully me. With her long long nail that always filled with nail arts on it.
They called it manicure, I think.
But I like, what to do.

GF marh, no matetr how also must say I like.
But I seriously like it.

I DO love it when you bully me, *sound so weird* hahax.

Overall, this gf is the best gf I ever had.
She love me lots.
I love her lots.
Sometimes maybe we got little bit quarrel.
But we always went through it together.
I love the time we together, I care bout you only scold you larh baby.
forgive me plz. KISSES!
I've never regretted being with you.


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