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Monday, September 22

Genting (: 21-08-09

after church, del dropped me off at louis'
headed for a bit of lunch first.

then off to Genting were we.
it seems like we took a longer route yesterday.
hmmm, yes even with louis' fast driving ):

reached about 2? i suppose.
bought our tickets and headed into the themepark.

ish, and then, it started raining!
MADDER, cb betul.
wasting 38bucks ):

played teacups and old man car.
then headed inside cuz it was super wet and cold.
plus after old man car, we got super duper wet,
doused in ice cold water ):

plus the whole car was wet )>:

asses wet,
my jeans wasn't even dry when i reached home at 8.10!

headed to starbucks for a drink and a bite.
the waiter so blurr!
i had to repeat my order 3times!

walked around, headed in and out of the themepark.

we decided to try getting refunds.
fuckin rude staff!
they didnt even bother.

i said, hey, can i get a refund
if you check the serial number on my tag
you'll be able to check the time i came in
and it started to rain.
its like i wasted 38bucks!

the feller replied me "so, is it my fault!?"

wtf woi,
i know i was raising my voice.
but being in the service line,
you shouldn't be that rude!

curse you, yr mom and the rest of yr fucking family and fucking life!

walked in and outta genting
headed around themepark for some walks

walked around dinosaur land, damn damn cold!

plus noone was there either
so basically we just walked around for the heck of it (:

camwhore'd much
but i had fun (:

plus i got to spend time with baybee.
its kinda rare ):

pictures for more, xxo

goodgosh! over 70++ pics
and still more in chi's camera!

1st pic of the day

whee, camwhore with biii.

acting gangsta..

i cut myself out ):

almost there

misty Genting,
from the car (:

the natural light is really pretty (:

failed pic ):
i'll pass it of as being artistic la.
you now, the white's so pure and the blacks so dark.

representing urm,
mankinds true colours?

one of my fav pics (:

tall am i (:

2nd pic with chi (:
on that day la.

early pic (:

teacup camwhoring.
the guys don't look so fine.

no comment.

a failed picture in the teacup which i quite like

i`m always a-head?

poor little girsl
all cold and wet ):
legs becoming popsicles.

trying to camwhore through the rain and waterfalls ):

starbucks sayang Take 1! (:

baybee,.. why got kelefare?

you`re my everything (:

picture really says it all.

always bending down just to take a pic with me (:
thank you.

<3 style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0); font-style: italic;">`i really dont care what people say`




(: piggy back rides,
from the one's we love.
chi, where's my pic?

chi (:
awesome friend.
even tough she sometimes dumps me la.

hmmm, do i always look this white?

its just dawned on me that i've known you
since std1! (:
not bad,
hohohurmm, thats 11 years?

and you, looking nice with my scarf and shades,
known since i was a bambino (baby)?

your love is honestly all i need (:
i love you

you know that right?

sweet lovers (:

whats this?!


bi looking lost!

3 of them in the T-rex's mouth (:

all i see is sexy legs!

dino was a badbad dinosaur!

perhaps a harley in Mickey form?

princess's carriage?

new mode of transportation?

`i'm the boss of you!`
i love my choo-choo-train (:

chi `harhar`
louis `ouch woii.`

bibi, don't crash (:


385 km/h (:


chi `bi, camwhore!`

louis::`will you marry me bi?`
chi::`what the hell?`

"why so serious? xD"

wheee (: i is race car dirver (:

"my balls are freezing, faster snap!"

`i am king! worship MEEEEEE!!`

my work (:
psst, we mountain climb also can camwhore (:

see, taken by me (:
i'm an awesome photographer!

sorry for the white part,
thats the persona's boot ):
we used timer.

kns you la cibai Genting! rain like shit and never refund me anything! FISHH YOUUUHHH!
i still enjoy Genting,
but your fucking employees
really piss me off!

slap right slap left. thats what you deserve.
NYAAAAAH! *sticks out tongue and sprays the fucker with saliva!*

*evil evil laughs* MWAHAHAHHAHAHA `good god, why am i so lame?`

``its ok its ok, i'm still cute (:

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kim-chan said...

aww rain and you can't enjoy genting...

but i do agree xD can be with your love one okay lo.

that worker stupid wan...no brain =p