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Saturday, September 20

i'm not what you wanted, i never will be...

i'm not perfect.
i'm not ever gonna be.
accept me?

as i am...


lovely lovely shilin crepe (:
i love lovelove,
cuz its delish? totally unhealthy and fattening?


pyramid with chuen (:
camwhored the least ):

we camwhore much more when were in college (:

new mani (:
not loving the gold glitter so much
i do however love the pink (:

NO, they're not black again
its purple-black (:

sibeh betul this idiot!
wanna lie also dont pick so geng car la

the candy i love
buy for me!
100yen shop counter!!


friday night

headed to murni with del and dulcie.
murni no parking

so change plans, went to aman suria.
Kayu (:

chit chatted, blabbed and contaminated dulcies mind.
they got the urge to have ice-cream.
had big discussion

then paid bill
and speed to MCD.

makan ice cream + french fries (:
delish delish!!

dels lil sis,
stone master.

me and del at mcd.
headed there after kayu.

i finally bought the blemish balm (:
just testing.

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Anonymous said...

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