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Friday, September 26

i'm soo soo sensitive,
alright alright,
if its a prison,
your free to leave.

sorry for being a conceited, narcissistic, hypocritical, selfish and sensitive bitch.

byebye, i have nothing to say.

my heart is breaking,
and i've just been insulted by someone called MR ANONYAMOUS
and hurt by Mr Angel.

i'm going to comtemplate suicide now,
if you don't understand my upper crust
command of english,...

you are bloody well free to leave..
its called "freedom to choose"!

i have rights too,
"freedom of speech"

i will use it,
abuse it,
and probably one day be punished
by the government for it.

since they are monitoring my blog.

thanks you very much KOOKIE,
for listening to my probs and
cheering me up (:
never knew yr a great listener.

you'll hold their hand,
but not mine..

you'll pose for pictures with them,
but not with me,...

are you really my boyfriend?
or do you feel like
my prisoner?

i'm sorry,
you're free to leave....

x - broken dreams and pretty glass things - x

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