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Saturday, September 6

new things in one day? coincidence?

yes i am a narcissistic little camwhore.

i have a WII!!!

he plasma is back (:
and yes, so is the nanny
i LOVE that show damnit!

a cute shoe which looks like elves should wear it.

my lala fringe and cute giant flower (:

the hairstylist thought i was sixteen ):
she said i'm tiny!
i am not! i have a big urm arse..

freezing la today!
i was sitting at home like this all day.
not with the sunnies la.
thats just a prop.

went to baybee's house to drop of the
magazine's with vicky *kiwi*
inside. she's got 1 full page and a feature in MYC!
she's really cute. teehee.

and baybee said my hair cut is cute (:
aaww, it means alot coming from him.

and everytime he sees me, his
heart beats faster (:
thats so cute!

plus mom said if i wear falsies i'll
really look like a doll!
whee` i wan i wan (;

i have allowed my boyfriend access to post
in this blog, so if you see someone
else posting, its most probably him (:

i'm going back to watch "the nanny"
chao darlings!

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