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Tuesday, September 30

OU, 28 Sept 2008

dinner at SS2's prince cafe.
dessert at 100yen shop
snow ice snow ice snow ice!
afterward headed to bi's house.
watched money no enough
for the second time.
i likeey likey.
after movie pergi kayu
yumcha then balik.

i love

snow ice!

snow ice

snow ice

pop that candy!

my photography skills geng right?!
lighting also i manage to capture

haha and if you see the mirror closely.
there i am in a babydoll turquoise top! :P

deldel,, and aaron are so sweet!, psst,
aaron looks like L in the pic.


Sunday Morning after mass.

pics with alicia (:

what the hell!
i am always so pale ):

take II was
like a failure ):

mommy and luilui (:
at the mamak outside church.
rushed there after mass just to
makan togethergether (:

was supposed to go to Ou after church,
but everyone was tired frm the night before.
so we went home to snooze.
met up after dinner at Ou.
Went to mel's house to wait for bi,
since he was so late,
poor mel was starving!
went to waffle world for dinner,
played billiards and pool.
then went for our movie!

omgomg oversinging la.
but so so adorable!
i was singing in the cinema.
HONEST, i was!
anyone who's never heard of it.


mel and i (:
wafflu world.
me and my lala fringe again (:

fuck** why the hell do i look so sleepy.

i miss the dye'd hair ):

waffle world for dinner (;

you look like a fish boyfriend!

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