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Thursday, September 4

wheeee` i am a devil :D

i'm a devil.
his little devil x:

why is my face so flat?

why does mel shrink all the pics ):

my face is so so R-o-u-n-d!

i'm not really emo larh!

apparently i look satanic worr.

i am a camwhore (:

number one. done by mr low. haha since i lied and told him i dunno how to draw :P

tattoo 2- dragon (: so far my favourite.

tattoo 3 (:
-__- its upside down.
and i am too lazy to rotate and re-upload.

all my tattooes for CG (: *computer graphics*

hard work + painful eyes + headaches!

but but but, all Mass Comm students must suffer through it. So, we suffer together gether la my 'FAMILY'

our mini class.
done by Susanna
psychology class :D

mini chuenny!

Chuenny with mini Chuenny (;
mini Chuenny done by Jared Lee

taufu biscuits. (:
something new intro-ed by cherry,
to which i am now addicted!

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