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Monday, October 27


Sunday morning till night.

Parents ditched me to head to Frasers for Diwali,




Headed to church, then mamak, then class.

Same old same old /:

Sorry mandy, we’ll go ou next time k (:

Was seriously tired.

Came home, was lazy, watch CSI CSI AND CSI (:

Las vegas, NY and then Miami (:

I ♥ CSI!

Decided to visit Darling Vicky* Kiwi

Miss her too much ady.

Plans for Dinner and movie with enDarren & co (:

As usual, x punctual laaaaa.

Instead of 6.30, they picked me up at 6.45-50??

Went to find Thomas,

Wait longer?

Made Darling starve and ended up stuffing herself with mentos?

Teehee, no coke yea!

KABOOM *Vicky no more?* ))))):

Left KJ about 7.15, when they finally found Thomas laa,

Sorry guys, drive here drive there, waste petrol.


Whilst looking for Darlings house,

We sesated twice?

Turns out we just took 1wrong turning -___x


Very much!

When we finally found Darlings house,

Turns out its damn near the restaurant,

But we sorta lost the other car,

With Kenny, Timothy and Thomas inside.

Timothy, haiyoo, ask me about Xian so so much.

READ MY BLOG and find her link (:

Ate Italian (:

Salmon fettuccini (:


Absofuckinglutelu love salmon (:

Since Kenny, tim and Thomas’s car sesat.

Darren and Darling went to find them when they finally got somewhere near.

I sat in the restaurant stoning -_-

I finished eating so quickly

I started to fagg lor.

When they got there,


They have a phobia d.

From serving Italian in KDU everyday!

AHAHAHHA * soorrry *

Macam mana I tau worr.

When they got back,

We finished up,

Went to the Bjorn bar next door,

Waited for the guys to finish billiards.

Funny watching them play,

Sometimes damn geng,

Sometimes damn KNS -_-

Darling wanted to check out the 100yen shop (:

Aku punye FAV!

So, off we went.

Thom and Darren came too.

Choco snow ice.

RANDOM thing,

Tim Kenny Darren and Darling are all chefs!

Thomas sesat abit la, he’s a fashion designer!

And me? Aiya BNN la. :P

After 100yen, YC at a farfar away mamak.

And Darling Kiwi said “its nt tht far la, walk ny”

Turns out, its damn far wooooooooi.

Crapcrapcrap, Thomas marah marah cuz the food took so long to come

And stuff frm the tree kept dropping on us HAHA.

Thank god its not bird crap la!

Went back about 11?

Borrowed darlings washroom.

Her house is damndamn nice (:

Now I know how to find, I will ownself go next time,


Lolllllsss (:

Nanti sesat again lor.

After sending Darling back, hugghugg xoxo.

Headed to MV for movie.

Ended up watching Bangkok dangerous again,

Not too bad I enjoyed it the first time.

I enjoyed it the second time too (:

Movie ended about 1smthg.

Headed to sea park after that.

Nasi lemak fried chicken (:

So so tempting, but naaaah.

Wasn’t hungry.

Banged into Khairol and his gang of ppl.

Didn’t really chat much tough.

Next time larrh.

Borak borak and got interrogated about Xian.lols

Kenny kept asking if I wanted Marcus’ number.

msn better la. Lolls, he’s damndamn funny!

Baliked about 4?

Kor marah me; on the phone js before it ran outta battery,

But mmg I always say I got keys,

Don’t wait up for me,

And don’t lock the wooden door laaa.


Sent Thomas back then me.

Thanks Darren (:

Careful yea.

Thx for not letting me die of boredom (:

Pics here (:


_ _ _




i wub you (:

anne hathaway

the thing that distracted me (:

thomas posing in front of world of feng shui?


♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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