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Saturday, October 25

darren kam !

Happy Bday Darren Kam Teik Wai (:

Mr Bday Boy!

Bday at Waikiki Too @ Plaza TTDI.
that place looks go awesome.
i'mma go back some other time
just to walka round
and "hang kai"
its such a pretty place!

thank you to Edwin and his Gf, Ee Jean?
sorry, i didnt get your name spelling dears.
for the ride to OU.

and Nicholas Tan for the ride home.
so so sorry my tipsy directions was
damn crappy wie.

and most of all,
Mr B.Day Boy for fetching me there (:
awesome wei,
so many willing people to drive us (:

my date for the night was
no other, Low Hui Xian (:

my darling, my babe, my all (:
she resurfaced after my breakup but,
you know what?

she's awesome.

started the day by waking up at 11 and
forcing myself to wake up with
a boiling shower (:
cold showers are for dunkies!

woke up. LUNCH. sleep for few hours -_-

yesyes, i am that lifeless.

following my insomnia.
i'm glad i can now fall asleep wherever whenever (:

woke at 5 -_-

went to catch up on VK *vampire knight*

new eps.

Xian called abt 5smthg.
got lazee, dragged myself about the house
then headed to Mosin

YC with Kam Wing Chung, Darren
for awhile

joined later by Jasper and Kah Hoo.
3 engineers.

and they dont even looked stressed!

wish i was one?

we lepaked and crapped shit till

rushed home cuz teh tarik makes me need the "crapper"
and i do not appreciate Mosins

wanted to watch Nanny.
but humans were watching
AKA dad and brother.

waited till bout 9?
Darren Kam TW rushed home to shower
and then picked me and Xian up (:
thank you bday boy!

Went to DU to pick Jean up (:
super bubbly super friendly human (:

headed all the way to plaza TTDI, Waikiki Too.

bunch of Urban Groove people and
KDU-ians there.

Majority = Cute / hot!

dang! i want numbers damnit!

met new people,
ie; Jean (: so friendly!
Umi *digress the spell mistakes* : so cute and cheery (:
Aaron ; small boy who's a year older (:
Marcus ; dude who intro'd me to humans (:
Eric ; feller who challenged me to drink (:
Steven ; who didnt think i could drink (:

haha, the human species is cute!
they're absofuckinglutely adorable, NO?

xians friend
edwin and his gf Ee Jean,
pak tored at Plaza TTDi
before dropping us at OU.

Nich Tan
sent us home from there.

status :: reached home with tipsy directions by me
and i am TIPSY now. at 1 am -_-

earliest i ever reached home after a party!
butbut, it was fun
cuz i had my darling with me (:

and i am home early to please mummy and daddy (:

have a blast.

sorry i x de to prevent you frm getting DRUNK and wasted!

the bar owner said me, xian, Jean and Umi looked 16 -_-

pfhht, want my driving license ar?
okok la, lazy now.

gonna watch Sarah Marshall.
going out with Del tmrw (:

psst; i can knot a cherry with my tongue (:
wheee` SUCCESS!

xxo till then
pics below!

screwing around with the camera in my room.

cosmo & BL

black label (:

a girl called Jean (:

damn nice shot ruined by my legs -_-
nice shot became freak shot!
it looks like i flashed her!
was sitting over 2bar stools.

thx darling (:
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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