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Friday, October 17

i am obsessed with MELODY BUNNY!

laptop is with MYC till Nov!



Thurs, 16/10/2008

college from 9-12 Comp Graphics.

Photoshop is mafan!

free time

Went for lunch at the fishball wtv shop.
Bought a dvd since everyone couldnt decide to head to OU or not.

Watched Harold and Kumar ; Escape to Guantanamo Bay.
is it guantanamo? haha, lately i got crappy memory lorh!

and and, the show is farking funny! and damn fucked up!
but its a good watch (:

headed to class at 3. PR. gaaah, presentation skills were more interesting larh!
but Miss Su is still damn ass funny.
smoker talking about anti smoking (:
cute larh.

we headed to the library to watch the remainder of Harold and Kumar during break.
when it finished we had 3minutes till class started again!

lucky i didnt go for break.
all those who did came back relatively soaked!

ESPECIALLY chen and jared la.
maybe its a brother thingy?
but they were damn damn soaked.
Justin, Naz, Renee, Winnie and Zhe came back like not so wet.
wherelse those two looked like they justs showered!

i <3 menthol now.
Mahasin wanted to lemme try but Chuen was der, aikx.
nanti kena marah by the Bermuda triangle! *Chuen, Vina and Rachie

Left coll, thanks to the brothers for the lift home (:
stupid bro always never ans phone.
dad also last minute tell me!

since i had no dinner *or so i though.
Jared suggested temaning me makan (:
thank god they dont call me pau d.
but all call me Princess -_-
i feel so so spoilt?!

went to williams for dinner.
had seafood platter.
too filling d ):

after tht ling fetched me frm there
we headed to ming tien (:
got my <3 menthol haha.
after tht talk cock till no end,
then headed to Kayu, Aman Suria.

my weekly routine of Kayu in ss2 and pasar malam
has changed!? LOL

after which ling had to go home.
so xian came to my crib for abit.
whilst waiting for Jethro wong,
he picked us and we decided to head
to Jaya 1. haha. after driving about aimlessly.

talk cock for damn bloody long.
from the car, to walking, to running in the rain, to finding a place to eat *breathes!*
to finding a place to sit,
and kena nagg for taking out ciggs -__-
they potong my sotong la.
both also nagg me like shit.
but nvm, had it earlier (:

after tht all of us K.O-ing
in Old town white coffee.
decided to go back.
plus raining and jets wipers abit cacat,
even i couldnt see! -___-

lucky we didnt bang any curbes or wtv!
Jets driving is super duper safe!

balik around 11.30pm
showered. did my wtv stuff.
kena soundings from mom.

found out MYC needs my lappie!
WTF! i also need it la.

gahh, might not blog abit.

chaos readers!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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