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Sunday, October 19

i am a ROCKSTAR (:

i had to take a picture of this photo.
time changes alot doesnt it?
in some cases, it changes nothing.

well, i'm not in it.
from Left to Right

Val*i think, Dulcie, Sarah Lian, Alicia Song*LUI (:

ah, so cute and innocent!

this is Babi or or Barbie (:
my hot model Marissa MP (:

she ditched me for a guy,

well. for now teehee.

glad to hear you are back in love darling (:

introducing Babo
aka Shalini Julia John (:

damn cool clocks (:
just watching them is hypnotic!

vintage! RETRO is back damnit (:
i ♥ Retro

monkey 1 : you bitches are heavy damnit!
monkey 2 : just don't fart la.
monkey 3 : oops, too late...

kawaii flower pots.
but then, where in the world got such small flowers la.
even the bud is bigger than this!


fullhouse @ NXZ.
sleeping bear (:

was very cute,
but looks darn haunting here.

the bee sunglasses i am still in love with
although they do not suit me ):

yeayea, who care bitches?!

i am a rockstar,
live with it (:

i love PINK!
so what?!

he's my ROCKSTAR kor. (:
i was bored and he asked me to photoshop.

since i js only had one lesson.
i need practice.
dont criticise you,

photoshoppers out there.

the rockstar who loves BMW's (:
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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