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Wednesday, October 8

its over now.

If ya’ll dunwanna read bout my emo stuff,

Stop when the alignment changes aight (:

xx shugar

College is back on,

Skipped half of psychology class

Just to do the Kancil Award printing.

Farah is so so creative!

Lizzie is absolutely deep.

And Su? She’s a freaking genius.

Saw some of the ads,

They were so outta the box (:

Never in a million years,

Will I ever be that creative ): *sighs*

But, I shall try.

Aaah, even tough everyone’s worried

And asking if I’m okay.

All I can say is, “yeaaaa, I’m okayyy”

The truth is,

I’ll never see your name pop

Up as ***babykins*** anymore.

(* special characters frm my phone)

From now on its ***Fh***

Never to be a part of your life,

For the future.

It makes me sad,

But I guess I must move on,

Do I really have a choice?

Even hoping to be back together is useless.

Because, I believe I’m the only one still in-love.

Friends are treasures who’ll always try

to cheer me up,

but sad to say…..,

I’m still shedding tears,

and its not like I wanna.

I just can’t help it…,

Does no one know this pain?

How do I move on, when I’m still in love with you? The Script, The man who Can’t be Moved

I was told not to do anything stupid.

By Alvina.

Thanks for your concern dear, I know you have a tough love too.

But the only stupid thing I’m doing is

Smoking, not sleeping and

Having a tough time moving on.

Psst, Jared.

Princess Pau is always kinda vulgar (:


Thanks for being there for me.


Thanks for temaning me ponteng tdy (:

But we mmg no choice but to ponteng! -_-

And for the needed hugs.

Farid & Naz.

Your advice has helped me (:

Plus you guys make me laugh.

Thank you.

Thanks to my classmates in IACT.

Thanks for caring (:

And all my friends outta college,

Example., church/ex sch mates.

Thank you (:



Its over now.

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