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Tuesday, October 28

my blog has regained its dignity (:

later. taa`

i am dying from assignmenting (:
but i smilesmilesmile :D

on the 29th of 10 of 2008.
i am in an open relationship with Low Hui Xian (:

<3 you darling!

Thurs - Igor!
Friday - SCREAM (:
Sat- lunch and wtvs

raveraverave! (:

justin being EMO-kid.

cute stuff from ikea (:
i have always like graphics and
crockery with uber cute motives.

my cam's auto focus and anti shake damn cacat la!
it keeps making ppl shuffle!
wtf woi.

piglet and khai on shuffle (:

i love piglet!

pergi yc with Khai and Thomaz,
joined Fauzee, Kenny and Sh.
seniors i have never really known,
and havent seen for a longlong time.
so diff -_-
kekok @ mcd

khai posing! -_-
i prefer the picture above (:
my photgraphy skills, NO?

khai you babi,
said you remembered where my house was,
mana tau forgotten pulak,
make me wait outside ):

fun la you (;
sorry i was so quiet yea.
have a safe trip and have fun!

hinthint* souvineers!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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