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Sunday, October 26

saturday night.

dinner at 8 with le familiaa!

del fetched at 8.40

drove all the wrong roads to the curve -_-

reached curve at like 9.25?

wanted to watch tropic thunder or max payne.

fucking ended up with HSM3.
delayed till 10pm-_- cibai!

so many families there push here push there!
wanted to punch some idiots!

watched and laughed shits!
damn farking messed up la some scenes.

left around 11.45?

stuck in traffic again -_-
went to mosin for a drink.

1am-home (:

damn teh tarik. i couldnt sleep till 3am -_-


woke at 8
Del picked me up about 8.40?
reached church super empty! -_-

mass mass mass blablabla

mamak with sarah and del

joined by timmy and ben later.

class was chaotic!
but i love my students (:
adorable and irritating monkeys!

home about 12? thx deldel.
yr dad is so so funny!

now, knsing -_-

out lorr.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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