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Thursday, October 23

the week, by me?

the best you never had damnit!

on monday,
i slept like a pig and forgot to wake up (:

on tuesday i went to CG class and got my comp stolen again! stupid comp i ended up with was so bloody laggy! i wanted to BITCH slap it! went to the sandwhich place with chuen. gila CHEESE, especially GRILLED CHEESE! after tht was our "discussion" for PR> which ended up with us in Big Ice playing Jengga -_-

wth man! this way, we'll never get any work done.
and anyways, this Sem everythings so slumber la.
work always seems to never need handing in.

after big ice i chao'd home?
i think. cuz my memory is whacky la.

on wednesday
psych class at 9am!
i was stuck in a jam abit.
summore so close to college!
MAHAI, damn near but ended up late just because
of a dumb crossroads!
last 15minutes before the break
i kept *mengantuking*
my eyes were just falling and falling!
sorry sir, but psychology can be damn draggy la.

its still interesting tough (:

after class was PR meeting? or psych meeting.
omg i cant even remember what happened yesterday!

chuen and rach say i am polluting air when i smoke.
haha so cute la Rach!!!
when i started smoking, she was avoiding the smoke.
haha cuz she was in front of me.
but i did tell her to switch places (:
the ask kena'd my bag a little.
PISSED much!?

then i balik in the rain -_-
wet sial!

night: headed to MV for Bangkok Dangerous Preview (:
thank you MYC!

bangkok dangerous was absofuckinglutely awesome!
not one bit was boring!

and be mind fucked.

ebi tempura (:
gorgeous ain't it?
told jah presentation was good (:

california roll mom was craving for.
i didnt manage a snap of the gyoza,
unagi kabanyaki or grilled smthg smthg with chicken and cheese.
we wolfed them all down way too fast.

was really really hungry ):

check out the wasabi!
so darn adorable right?
we didnt have the heart or guts to eat it ):
its huge!
half way through i picked it up and played with it (:
triggering some kinda crap
wasabi jokes -_-
involving me.

dinner at Kiku Zakura (:
absolutely awesome.
damn good food i must saw,
presentation was great.
pics later.
they were taken with a better cam.

on thursday!
which is today (:
class was at 12! wheee` finally a late class!
i woke up at 9.30 and headed to the crapper (:
*dads fav word*

decided it was still early so
i headed back to bed la.
10am alarm also i switched off, since i always snooze about 10mins
and then wake up (:
PHFFT, jumped outta bed and went to
le crapper again.
rushed my shower and make up like crazy.
since chuenny said wanna camwhore today.
i must look better what!!! so i put in more effort la.
wore falsies (:
they make pics look so so much better!

any false eyelash company wanna sponsor me?

rushed to college and reached bout 5mins late.
saw Zhe outside.
telling me everyone else also late so no need to rush.
since he didnt have a tagg i waited for him to finish
smoking. then he said "teman me go buy sweet"
-________________- """""" GG.com

rach was makaning in the car.
damn farnnnyyy.

after the sweets went to class.
almost fell asleep.
the PRINCESS PAU label is back!
-_- omg wei. i'm never gonna not be PAU!

lunch at fish noodle shop with Renee, Mahasin and Rach.
had tau foo farrrrrr (: yummmmmmmyyyy!

next class was PR.
miss su really makes a boring subject interesting.
its fun to practice but boring to learn (:

kdu college banyak story wei!

class ended late,
brother fetched me back -_-
cibai, class end late i can't control watt.
scream at me on the phone for fucks?!

camwhore-ing with chuen

super cute canon (: i want one its only 699!
and its cotton pink!

its the one XiaXue
was advertising (:
its advert is so cute as well.
i am drooling over it (:
my obsession.

meet Justin Pao! he's supposed to be siew mai actually. but mahasin drew pau. and its really cute. so who cares? PROPS for our "production"
there was a Melia Pau.
but i forgot to snap pics of it.
theres also Farid pau
and crazy eye pau.

imagine me as a pau (:
if you wanna draw me as one
you can send me a pic.
whoever is so free la.

chuen looks so cute here candid shots are cute (:

friday (tomorrow)
photoshopping (:
darrens party at night.
to which i am bringing my mystery date (:
and maybe some yc in the middle?

updates after tmrw la.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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