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Tuesday, October 14

xo, you know you wuw me

1) mani needs redoing.
2) qoute Jet "blarde smoker" LOL

xoxo babeh

snow white?


ling and xian

didi gen ta jie (:

siblings (;
small brother, big sister, second sister

little brother (:
aka driver
aka bwest fwiens (:

wife (:
aka darling
aka bestie for life (:

f21 <3>
♥ f21

twins much?
the triplet is missing ):

super old photo!


Danny :: yeayea so like 10 million alright??
Rach :: hmm, so i'mma discuss the shipping with you?
all my illegal dvd's must be protected!

santiks lala pose!

don berposing.
chen ber blurring

at AC (:
melia rachie chuenny

everyone looks like ghost here except danny

mel acting cute (:
she is la

shen is gorgeous

miss kiss shen

teehee, blurr

delia-aaron tan

marital status : ice cream verified

" my mouth is stuck like this laa "


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