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Sunday, October 5

you know what is PLAY??
not while couple but NOW!

say wan be friends,
but keep avoid me.
keep on asking me these dumb questions.
keep not believing me!

you are hurt.
but you seem to be over me.

while i am left behind.
with nothing but HURT!

you prefer to be fickle and trust people

who badmouth me.

i cant believe you have the audacity to
ask me something so appalling!

whoever is backstabbing me,
come out and tell me who you are.

you have no base and are poisoning
his mind,

i loved you because you made me feel special.
you made me feel so loved.
because you LOVED me!

not because of yr money!

MONEY i fucking HAVE!

i spend my own money most,
i don't ask for a fucking allowance from you.

i'm probably one of the people who loves
you most in this world.
at this point in time, i'm trying to move on.

and you prefer to be influenced by this POISON.

go ahead,
the person is prolly not my friend.

they don't know me well..

i'm so sensitive you think i can pull this kinda crap!?

everytime i manage to stop crying and be calm.

yr words "did you love me for my money"

comes into my mind,

and makes me so upset i can't rest, sleep, eat,

but cry and have more Dunhill.

stop stabbing me please.

i'm almost dead anyways.

i still love you,
and i text you because,
i do.
its unbearable to not talk to you,
even if you accuse me of

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