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Friday, November 14


Earlier that day,....

headed for CG class at 9am.
everytime i head to the classroom,
i feel like i'm entering some law firm?

mainly cuz;
the sign above the entrance says
Person1, Person 2 and Person 3.
associates in law.
i kid you not!

started learning Indesign?
grrr, its so damn bloody boring.
i miss photoshop!


tried hailing a taxi for like 10-15 minutes.
GRR, wht timing.
usually taxi's in uptown are
a dime a dozen.
mana tau yesterday,
like suddenly
x de taxi!
if there was one, it was prolly taken -_-

luckily we managed to get a taxi.

Naz, Zhe, Chuen and I headed into ou
yes i am childish, and i like cartoons!
cannot izzit?!

to grab our tickets.
bill was like 110?
i paid most of it,
cuz ppl were still sleepin or on the way.
eeesssh, pk kia.

played a couple rounds of pool.
won one, lost one.

Mahasin met up with us a few minutes before the show.
went to buy mashy potatoes (:
i ♥ Maggi's mash potatoes !
its an addiction i don't wanna be rid off.

when i ordered 6 the feller at the counter seemed so bloody shocked!
haha, it was a sight to see.
but it made me feel like a weirdo la.
BABI x.x

and and, psss! Chuen and I ended up dressing alike again -_-

the show was so damn funny!
a name so good you gotta say it twice.

i now want those Hippo Ears ffrom MCD's (:
cute la.

Genie, Chen, Justin, Renee and Mahasin
came in soon after.
luckily they were in time.

Jared was late.

both he and Genie had oveslept -_-

after the movie,
everyone was kinda hungry.
but it was like 3.05
and we were already late for PR. lols.

so we rushed back to college.
reached by 3.15
thank God there wasnt any traffic.
we were thinking of heading to eat and
go to class after the break.

so, so,..
we headed into class and Miss Su had just only started.
and then half way tru the lecture,
ppl started drawing L♥VE all over their arms.
and Miss Su dropped a bomb, "today no BREAK!"

omfg. KANINE!

lecture ended at like 5?
waited for Jun to transfer all the vids.
gaaah, 10gigs!
reached home about 6.
transfered the vids to my extra hard disk.

went to get ready and blabla.
was so hungry when i got home.
but after showering and being a glamourpuss,
i lost my appetite.
so js got ready and
waited for them to come.

i joined
emo.com @ 5pm

can you feel the emo-ness?
our class was emo-ing,
or at least trying to be..

he wansta be cool like that yo!


it was
To Write Love On Her Arms day.
blablabla yadayadayada,

read about it @

chen and chuens.

Justin, chuen and jared.

these are is jared and chuens arms

ying yang nails,
sign of goat,
gene simmons tongue thingy.
mild sevens?

dapat jadi rockstar?

suddenly DMC09 has alot of emo kia.
this is the emoboss No1.

my classmate Mr Chen the Nerd (:
he is emo boss No2.

Amelia : huh? behind me got a yan yu? haha!
Zhe : flourescent lights gimme even tanns :P

wrabbit and a monkey :P

Amelia : like WTF nam?!
Zhe : *knn* lalala~ dreaminggg

Rahelle : haaarh? 1 million? you siao ar!
beh chap xiu.

Jared : what whatt, sorry i was too busy listening to
other people's convo to hear what you said. lol

Rachelle : i think i see it, i think i see it.
Jared : where where, get rid of it! FASTER *panics!

Rachelle : omg i found it
Jared : ARRRGGGHH, get it out get it out! OMG * squeals.

dari team XSM

nuff` said

Jared : aku sediakan payung sebelum hujan
Zhe : aku smelly boy

kelfares behiind - ERMMMM,.....
* speechless*

End Of Story
for now laa.

this point on Laundry @ Curve
another music night (:

fetched by Jared Lee @ 8 smthg pm?

classmates are going mad!
always giving me more and more nicknames -_-
yesterday kena
Master Yoda
Taufu Pao? * got such thing ar?

RAWR* aku x suka. *pouttt*

and according to ChialatLee, i wear too much black and Chuen wears too much blue.

i think the amount of black clothing in my closet
boleh combat with Chen ady.

headed off to The Curve.
i think our driver was very deep in thought.
somehow we ended up taking dunno which roads to The Curve -_-
masuk the roads that head to Ou instead.
hahaha, KANTOI.
aznil hj nawawi should be happy.
i'm making his
"word" even more widespread.
i hate giving free publicity!

okayokay, when we finally reached,

decided to park at Cineleisure.

walked to Laundry from there.
banged into Charmaine Yeow. lama lama x jumpa her. Nicole Chua's tiny cousin (: she' cute.

reached Laundry about 9am.
so so hungryyy!!

makan-ed some cheesy pizza and FRIED MOZARELLA!
long time since i ate it.
i thought they only served that
at TGIF's (:

ruparupanya Italiannies also got (: HAPPY HAPPY JOYJOY.

sat here and there,
choosing a right *spot

teehee, Laundry punye staff musta thouguht were really papai?*troublesome.

who cares, *customer is always absofuckinglutely right kan?*
so SCREW you la.

tried some KilKenny? i dont like it. macam biasa only. plus, beer's not my thing. liqour is better.
*i'mma tough kookie. (: heehee

i'm trying to be a LALA mui la.
support la can anot!?

music stuff started at 9.45pm.
theres this drummer chick, Steph Chan i think, she's so calm. her timing is like impeccable, SUPER PERFECT.

i have a new favourite band (:
Tempered Mental (:
i love the hardcore rock vibe they've got.
plus the Frontwoman/Bass/Vocals.
she's got this "i dont give a damn" sorta vibe lol.
the guitarist is damndamn good.
plus the drummer?
woooo! super duper alot of energy man.

Reza Salleh's got a good voice too, damn aku jealous la.

cuz,cuz,.... i cannot sing!

*if you asked me to sign to save my life right?,
i think the minute i start singing, you'd shoot me haha,
cuz its so bad you'd rather have me dead :P

i'm serious wei, i am MONOTONOUS (: and and TONE

after Laundry, everyone headed to Mosin @ TTDI.
*except Naz, he followed Chen&co to Genting.
but when we reached,
dah x de mum taj naan -_-

grrr. potong sotong betul!

suddenly appeared one Indomee.
yorr, bloody mamak kia.
i didnt even order it! CIBAI.

summore looks and taste the same!
main tai di.

finished our drinks and headed to ss2. the Misai area.
the sotong damn nice. (:
but i got no appetite.

banged into Vincent Wong, Jen Wae and some other x-seaparkians?

sorry, but most of them i cannot recognize, or dont know?

sat at SS2 till like 2.320?
friends of Jared and Cicak called Desmond and smthg else
came to join.
but we didnt talk all that much.
main more tai di,

,... then,...

played Bluff with two decks of cards.
and and, Jared won.
followed by Chuen,..

Rachelle, Cicak, Zhe and I
just gave up and threw our cards down.

Cicak sent Chuenny home,
then Jared sent Rachie home.
followed by me.

home by 2smthgsmthg.
talked to mom. blabla.

was too moodless to sleep,
so uploaded the photos and chatted
with *chuen, zhe, az and bernard dear.
ended up KO-ing at like 4?

woke up at like 10?
forced myself to sleep back.
woke at 1?
and this bloody post has taken me 3, no 4
fanfuckingtastic hours to complete.

so if you wanna complain.
i'm so gonna slap kao you bitch.

buhbyeeee (:


below are photos (:
and links to other posts about this night.

pweetty Gothic chandelier @ laundry.

Chuennys failed pic to be hor lin.

picture of cicak snapped with my cam
while i was away.
so if there is a story behind it,
i mana tau la right?

Jared lee,
our big brother in class (:
actually out of class also like
a big brother haha

kaki kaki sexy all the guys.
clockwise its Cicak, Jared, Naz and Zhe.
snapped by Z?

woohoo! Tempered Mental.
damn good performance.

Reza Salleh.
Golden Voice boy.

chuen (:
she qualifies to model.

alamak! one eye is sepeted lols.

surprisingly, looking at this photo, i wondered; if we'd be besties for life?

abit the emo-kan?

LeeZheFung @ Ziggy
Nazmi Syazwan. NamiCawan (:

classmates since Sem1 and this is like one of our few pictures? a class full of photo-sluts, and we hardly camwhore together?
I-R-O-N-I-C !

Rachie, Myself and Chuen (:

the so-called Charlies Angels. however, we're missing one member (:
Miss Alvina Tai Wen Ling,
we miss you laaaa!
you x layan us ady! ):
jgn ignore us laa.
nanti 3 org ber-emo ):

3 angels :: MEWAJUKKKK!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

to read more about these stuff.

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2. Jared, Chen and Cicaks site.


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