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Monday, November 17

16th Nov 2008 - temporarily insane

lala album here


Early Bday Bash for



Lee Zhe Fung

earlier that day, i headed to church,
the biasa la.
andand decided, that
since i was gonna be seeing Zhe.
i'd take a few snaps with Sarah
and torture him (:

i'm such a sweetie aren't i?
he's seen more photos of her now :P


headed home to shower and
get my extra sleep.
i slept about 3 to 4 hours
the night before.
so not ENOUGH! ):

5 hours is the bare minimum damnit!

waited for en Jared
to fetch.
called and kena kam tim wa. * shut off phone

good lord!

the night before we were on msn saying.
Jared : okay, tmrw when i call you, dont kam ngo tim wa if not i will egg yr house
Melia : as long as i've known, its always you kam ngo ge tim wa!

true to the stereotype,
he skipped church
thus sleeping till 5pm.
and thank god dad was home
he sent me to chuenny's house.

bercamwhore camwhore as lala as we could.

chuenny was sleepy
i was hungry.
at 5pm
i recieved a text from weichen elee
"baru bangun boss"

and hahahah

after that, chuenny and i continued camwhoring abit
and started photoshopping some of the stuffs.

then jared msg-ed saying
*mau mammam tak*

my tummy made the decision for me.
YES (:

haha. mana tau he datang super late.
was sorta near to dinner time d.

nvm, i suka makan.
pergi Beans in ss15.
joined by C
Cicak sometime later.

went back to Chuenny's to change.
got ready,
Rach finally reached (:
she sesat sesat for so long.

got ready and yadayadayada.
3 girls. tonne of clothes.
you know la.

so, finally finished.
called Jared.

-_- the doinks were already outside!
3guys in the car.
cicaks myvi.

in my mind i was like.

how to sit.
me chuen and rachie
kena jamm behind with jared.
since chen kaki panjang sial.

headed to some Tasty Pot steamboat.
started RAINING!
they extended the sliding roof thingy.
but it covered half the table only.
so us unlucky half got a bit wet ):

we tried tomyam soup
and soya bean?
yes yes, its soya bean
but then.
it wasnt sweet wei.

cuzcuz, i was the GUNEA PIG!
i cant eat tomyam,
so i ate the soyabean one first.
it was like salty?
as in kicap soya punya taste?
but with soya smell.

weird. but got used to it.
Justin was happy when he saw beer(:
zhe? was erm, EMO.
nuff said`

after i makan.
he emo talk with me.
i was a shrink for abit.
and as Rach said.
i'm bad at it.
haha half way tru,
i asked for timeout and
shuit char.
*what la, tiring okay. emo ppl make me feel thirsty when
they wanna emo talk*
i'm up for it.
but i want my SHUIT CHAAAAA! :P
so syaddupo and
gimme shuit cha.
don't tell me, yr so kiam siap*stingy*
till shuit cha also cannot
cheng*belanja* me.

if you deny me shuit cha, you die!

after that, we headed to MOS.
winnie, mahasin, farid didnt follow.

our bunch;

were joined by Jared Cicak and Chen's friends.
and Desmond.

haha Dickson drove us there.
his car is just like him,
small and cute.
he so totally suits the yaris!
haha little boy
who always says he's ancient worr.

parked at sunway hotel.
we didnt know that we could use the side entrance to masuk MOS.
so we like walked one bigbig round!
we walked one big giant circle aje.

masuk MOS,
looked for the other half.
sesated humans.
inside Jings and Don Micheal
and some other ppl were already there.

we were there as *cheerleaders*
for some HUNKS event.
for a Mr Lionel.
haha, the gym instructor i met once.

the place was so packed,
i ended up half ass backstage/half ass in the crowd -_-

i mean it literally,
i kid you not.


and farid says saying "cool beans" is very bimbo.


when it was lionels turn
out came 3 banners.

1) vote for HUNK 21.
2) Hunk 21 smthgsmthg
betul betul KANTOI!

when one of the judges saw it,
they were like
"eh, the person holding it up is a guy la"

all the camera's turned around and
snapsnapsnap like crazy!

farking funny.

we left around 11ish.
went to ming tien.
poor dickson
was like dying of hunger.
he ordered damn alot of food.

wanted to head to jln 223.
then mom called!

saying where am i blablabla.
talked to chuenny
talked to jared.

i damn 7 geram.

as if i never balik.

i never said to wait up for me,
instead i said sleep la, DONT and i repeat DONT
wait up for me.
i got keys
will get myself home!

always always say that.
so why can't you trust me

i dont smoke.
its not like i'm having sex right.
i drink but know my limits.

and you just dont fucking trust me.
when i'm home, always ask me why i'm home.
if i'm out. i get this shit.

what do you fucking want wei.
its only lately that you and dad have been
so so weird.
PMSing izzit.
ITS scaring the beejezuz out of me la alright!

anyways, thanks Jared for sending me back again (:
betul betul abang. haha

sorry for the mama drama :P

till then, taaa

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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