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Monday, November 3

found out the bad news.
cried shits.
then went searching for more info.
God always takes the best first!
and do i feel pissed?

i don't know.
i just know he took skinnyboy for a reason,
of which i'd like to know; whatthefuckisit?!

went to church,
and all i could think about was "is he alright? gimme a sign"
response :: NOTHING!

i'm not becoming an atheist, i've got more faith than that.
but the feeling is like a breakup.
in which i'll never see him ever again?

worse than a normal breakup?

screw it. i know he'd tell me to GET UP AND MOVE FORWARD.
the boy from Sabah KK with so much life?
yes he'd slap me silly.

had dinner with parents.
wasnt feeling all that happy,
just B-L-A-N-K!

called Darren for a drink.
just wanted to talk abit (:
he's like a big brother i kinda wish i had?
ahha, cuz mine's like PMS 24/7?

went to Choy Kee,
4-5 glasses of shui cha *chinese tea iced

reached back about 11smthg.
didnt wanna risk being found out or scolded.
-surprisingly, when ppl know yr feeling down, they'll keep all the secrets-

Panadol-ed myself to sleep.
listened to Summertime again,
and some guang liang,
eg tong hua and shao nian,
Kent Teo Tze Kian,
lemme know yr alright someway somehow?
dreams? premonitions? be my guardian angel?
i hope yr mom is alright.

church at 9, woke ass up at 8.15!
Panadol seriously makes me KO like crazy.

reached church at like 8.40?
late i guess, but
it was still sorta empty.
Sarah and her brother David joined me for mass.

she comforted me much.
thank you dear.

mamaked, 2rotis again -_-

class, was feeling pissed.

students are fkn monkeys!

darren called for lunch,
went lor.
mana tau their date started -_- i was such a lamppost.
lols, speechless abit.

prince cafe @ ss2.
i didnt eat.
wasnt hungry.

went home after tht, changed showered the works.
waited for jared and chuen to head to Eco Fest.

cicak was the driver. ish Chor Di pro!
out of like how many rounds he only lost once?
i was always no2 -_-
or 3 -_- KNS

got ourselves super lost in KL -_-
found the place by luck ny.
it was sorta gloomy and like mood-less?

left about 5?
the performances by local musicians
were enjoyable.

ironic anot, everytime i gotta walk where there aint no shade
it rained.
when i reached some shade,
it stops. -_- cibai

got smthg against me ar?

went to Mosin ttdi for some naan which was damn nice (:
pizza naan?
yor, i want more! xD

rushed to OU cuz the "movie"
was at like 7? and i was at ttdi at 6.54?
traffic light jamjam like 100metres frm OU.
pissifying woi.

so i rushed to GSC la.
mana tau no more tickets wor.
movie at 9.15!
WTF i out whole day d -_-

grrr. met up with darren then pergi get his car keys.
his dad looks so cheerful!
cute (:

then headed to chatterbox,
kiwi, marcus, timothy and james were there.

aku macam kena haunted tau?
lately, i always see people who look like FH
alot! WTF? scaree la,
i think i'm gonna die of heart attacks soon?

played pool with tim.
he KNS la. 3times also masuk 8 ball -_-

so by default i win lor.
even when i was losing in round2
he masuk 8 ball -_-

GG.com woi!

james and marcus joined later.
james supposed to be on my team
mana tau he masuk a few balls for tim -_-
so was like 1 on 3?
beech? hahaa

got revenge later lor.
i ended up winning with the help of james
haha (:

tiuuuu. not challenging wan.

went to arcade,
wated the guys play some dumb game?
haha all i could do was laugh?

movie at 9.15
so everyone headed to GSC la.
kiwi came up with tim?
shocked much?
darren was missing?

but they seemed alright?
so i didnt bother?

went in, leg pain sial.

watched the movie till 11.06
FUCK the movie as so screwed up la!
haha damn GG. but funny non-the-less?

it was just alotta sesated scenes.

oh well, its funny?
and lame?
LAME more? (:

went to blitzone to meet up with cassidy
went to seapark nasi lemak for drinks and faggs.
all smoking except me? and tim

lols, sesat sesat then suddenly marcus starts being a karaoke?
we main some songs and made him sing (;

not bad, banana can sing chinese stuff. hahaaaaaa

laugh shits.

went home about 12smthg?

suddenly marcus ask to go for 2nd round drinks.
pergi la, tot they wanna ask smthg.
-_- cheh yc ny.

went to kayu cuz mosin closing
watched f1.
blablabla damn alot.
then went back at 1smthg.
dad marahmarah?

balik dunno what time? 2 am plus gua

watched tv since i was stoning.
slept at 3 am -_-

woke up tdy at 1.58?
am now here at 4.03 pm
feeling like its 10am -_-

and tmrw got filming! MAAAARMMIII

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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