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Saturday, November 1

Scream baby! Its Halloween! 31-10-2008

Headed to SCREAM about 8.30 (:
thank you Kenshin and sister for the ride.
Thomas hitched along too.

parked like super duper far!
legs KNS by the time i reached the bloody entrance!

seriously i got the shock of my life lorr.

rave supposed to be damn damn packed and damdamn noisy right?!
it was so bloody quiet woi.
i felt bored -_-
like instantly!

stayed to snap some pics for fun la.
at least the crowd is super sporting.
majority dressed up (:

initially i thought "oh damn i'm late, the thing must be half way tru d"
mana tau when i reached about 9 it was just starting -_-
summore the facebook thingy said it starts at 7.30! x.X
KNS.com la!
i felt bad making Kenshin, his sis, Thomas, Chuen, Tim and Kenny come -_-

and chialat*jared* lee pun tak datang -_-
he coulda been our keong si (:
he's sporting enuff wat.
unfortunately he was jamming at Holiday Villa.

left scream about 10smthg,
seriously we beh tahan d.
everyone decided to go eat.
headed to Uncle Lims -_-
the bloody place was closed!

gaaaah, my kaki so sakit summore must walk!
i walked barefoot alot.
haha feet damn black woi.
and you know what?
i though nooone was around,
so i barefoot in Pyramid la.
taklah so malu kan?
SIBEH! all of a sudden alotalot of ppl came out!
malu weiii. haha
nevermind i got guts (:
i dare!

since the dumb Uncle Lims closed,
sat and deliberated again,
pergi Kim Gary.
at least it was open laa.
OMGOMG! my student ID kena expose!
aaaaaahhhhhhhh GGG weeeiii!

after Kim Gary didnt know what to do.
Kenshin and his sis had to leave anyways ):
oh well,
temaned Thomas to the car to get his stuff.
then we walked all the way to Barcelona
to find Chuen, Tim and Kenny.

masuked about 12.
kena stalked by some malay dude.
musta been drunk! mahai.
take pic with you for fucks ar?!
also dunno you.
i was js being nice okayy.

luckily when he asked for my number Kenny helped (:
thank youu.

dancedancedance lazylazylazy
kena stare at for nthg -_-
do i look very dead!? must stare like shit!?
grr, i hate those stupid stares.
as long as its a cute guy its alright.
but also got uncles and ahpeks -__-

mum kept asking me i balik what time grr
potong my sotong jeh!
left around 2something.
ps, i banged into Hani and her bf there.
haha, he came as a vampire!
cute la. plus i loved her mask!
it was gorgeous!

twas good to go with guys.
got ppl jaga (:
we like left damn early lor,
still got maybe a little less than half BlackLabel left?
): wanted to take the bottle casing back.
but i didnt just in case,
like mom was awake??

and yes she was.

we sent chuen back and then headed to grab thoms stuff.
headed to some ss15 mamak to get

sent thom back them me.
got scolded, ish!
at least i came back home!
maybe i really shoulda stayed over with chuenny -_-

home, slept at 4am.
woke up at 7.32????! wtf man.
i really wanted to sleep -_-

Miss amelia

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