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Sunday, November 23

sunday sunday lazy bum sunday~

Sunday Sunday (:

HEY READERS who are usually friends (:
sorry for like absent pictures?
finally got back my cam today.
but i am lazy to post up.
so, another day k (:

1 church
* early morning kookie called.
but i kinda just shut the phone
and went back to snooze, thought it
was an sms or smthg.
**rupanya, he called to ask me to go for A1.
KANTOI! i x leh pergi also. CHURCH *angelic face*

sat with Del and Sarah, one exception!
EVIE turned up with Nicholson!
nicholson was a banana man today.
veryvery yellow!
sorry dude, but yellow *erhmm*

someone asked me if evie was already in Canada!
gaah, she's not!

fell asleep in mass wei.

i'm Catholic marr, how can i use the name of THE LORD
in vain horr? hahhahah, lalala aku holy (:

went to devi's in ss3? somewhere there la.
MOTHER EFFING long i never go there woi!
when i saw the paper thosai, i was like "HALLELUJAH, i have missed you!"
seriously, the only place that can compete is
the one in DJ called Lotus.
but its like so exp! and sometimes the AhNeh chef?
he burns it -_-
so it looks fine but taste uber *tootoolong* toasted.

after that i was like K.O-K.O ing
and mom says "eh lets go to OU, long time haven't been"

i was like, "urhmmm, i just went there ytd. you wanna shop izzit?"

REPLY :: "i wanna go see christmas decos and stuff"

me:: stone *boxes and boxes in the house* STONEEEE.
-finally i say- "okay lorr, but i think we got enough? haha we have almost every colour?"

E.g ::- one box all green deco, one all blue, one all gold, white turqouise... lalalaala~

i am not kidding!

headed home to change.

went to OU.

first stop - Living Quarters.
buy more snowman and wtvwtv santa's.
*good gosh woi.*
my house can probably be in a state of constant christmas
with the amounts of decorations we've got!

thankfully, we are people who have TASTE (:

headed to Watsons. bought some stuffs.
headed to Tangoo, Cherrie Lee and some oth places.

went into Topshop as an impulse thing (:
WOO! sale (:
bought : swirly top at 50% off.

banged into Kyle, summore he's the cashier!
hahaha, i give him sales commission!

he gave me an ultra huge topshop bag.
*which i asked for cuz the watson crappy plastic bag was killing mine and mommys hands!*
thank god i can stuff everything else inside!

headed to ROXY (
Jeans! whee*
but must head to Pyramid on tues to try,

headed to Marks and Spencers afterward.
moms favourite shop (:
i bought FOOOOD!
i love FOOD?

yes i do, yes i do.
heck if i could i'd marry it!

after which we hit Vincci, Nose, Aldo, Guess
all in search of an AnimalPrint handbag.
mom gila prints after she stole my leopard handbag.

we even went to the Paris Hilton store woi!
i fell in ust with a black bag there.
i say lust because
i actually think its too old for me,
but i was drooling anyways.

anyways, the search for a bag?
those we saw? semua ulgy or lala.


went to grab some eats @ Miss Read!
grrr, wasnt happy today!
will complain to them soon!
they owe me a fucking REFUND!

headed to Zara after that (:
1 more top!

then to forever21!
whole day i've been saying
i got too many tops,
need jeans and bottoms.
mana tau i only tried 3 bottoms today.
1 jeans,
1 shorts,
1 capris.

and how many tops?
4 + 5 + 4 + 5 + 2*dresses*
= 18 without dresses,
20 with dresses.

but most of them looked horrid.
throw back throw back!

headed home about 3smthg.

went to aunts house for dinner (:
and absofuckinglutely stuffed (:

happy happy joy joy.

i never knew my cousin and i have so much in common (:
he's 3 years my junior.


Cousins Philamon's wife Crystal
had a baby boy!

akan datang :
Cousin Edwards wife Sharon.
coming next month.
3 name choices,
1 shaun
2 ryan
3 oliver

my pick!
or maybe Shaun Oliver?

waited like 4hours to get my hair dyed!
damn geram.
ass also flat d.

went to OU with Mel and Shaun the sheep
for dinner and a movie (:

Sushi Groove (:
lama sial.
but foods alright la.
kinda exp ler.

headed to Cinema and watched
PS something something guard blabla

waiitttt, its ;

GP506 the Guard Post.

a Korean flick called.

began alright.
but ended suckily!

better no need!
dont watch -_-
but the cinematography was good.
angles, locations, lightings?
very authentic.

it felt like playing CS; Counter Strike to non gamers or noobies.

makan like gila.

dropped Shaun @ McD centrepoint
and speed home (:

i balik and main Pets Society.
i gila Pets Society! (:

i am in love with a piggie/bunny
called SIR OINKS ALOT (:

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