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Sunday, November 9

a week in my shoes.

lately i have a screwy connection,
which is why i have been unable to update.
plus i have been going out lorr.
UPDATE from ermmmm..... Thursday? Tuesday.
mum taj naan and shooting.
Wednesday (: shooting
ham ching pang
Thurday no shooting!
during break
decided to go watch some Jazz thingy at
Republic @ Sunway Pyramid,*after class of course!*
place looks pretty.

* crashed at chuennys place awhile.
since the guys-Jared,chen and Naz-
headed back to Jared and Chens place.

online, surf surf and

wait for those guys till like 8smthg! -__-

so long, still not pretty enuff merr?!
bought tickets to watch James Bond, mana tau the theater fully booked! instead of a 9smthg show, ended up watching a 11.55 show! x.x
got some baskin robbins,
then headed to republic.
joined by Don Micheal
4 guys

when we reached, we were like super late?
end result :: watched Last Performance only -_-

went to arcade to kill time.
placed house of the dead 2,3 and 4 -_-
naz and chialat.
main house of the dead also got time to act cute
watched some humans play bishi bashi
like mad. pro sial!

joined by jings, desmond, lionel, cicak and some who's names i cannot remember woi!

watched Bond,
then stone outside the exit awhile...

headed back
to mamak at Jared's and Chen's place
yc till like 1smthg.
then baliked

kena marah -_- yadayadayada.
like i listen aje!?

i have forgotten what happened on friday?

oh yea, was supposed to get steriod chicken?
but i can't eat meat on Friday -_-


waited for chialat lee chen and naz
to fetch for shooting -_- again!
and and we ran around looking for siew mai and pau.

after everything was shot?
Justin who is mr Siew Mai
ate all the

siew mai -_-

actor makan the props!
wtf man!

sesated AND long gone!

went for dinner somewhere in Bangsar.

baliked and KO.

woke up around 1?
boring boring.
stupid router died-ed?!!!!

GRRRRR! taoyan sial!

photoshopped to my hearts content!

end result is now my wallpaper (:

went out at 5smthg with Darren marcus and James,
went to KL? to see hotel nikko.
james said he's gonna work there.

after tht left to hartamas to get darrens stuff and let the car cool down.
radiator siao.

headed to uptown's wasabi for dinner.
okok la.
joined late by Kenny and Timothy,

all the guys going crazy cuz they couldnt smoke.
what a sight!

after dinner,
off to AC.
joined by another darren
wooo, now i seriously know too many darrens
main pool for few hours?

left at 11smthg?
went to kayu for a drink.
then about 12.12 i left.
mom nagging again.

cibai kia.
kena nag endlessly.

walked in and she pointed to the clock saying,
"12.30 is early to you ar?"

in my mind i was like
"its fucking early la"

which i obviously didnt say,
i mean, who is so brainless to say tht?

packed goodie bags for sschool party.
stone with tv.

slept at 3smthg.

sundays blog entry deserves some colour (:

church at 9.
woke up at 7.45.
out of bed by 8?

not bad i say.
i didnt like oversleep one hour?
or a few?

reached church and realized i forgot my phone!
brother sent me home to get it.
thank god his mood is good?
gaaaj, he's such a walking time bomb la.

one minute nice next minute he's the HULK?
classic doctor Jekly mr Hyde thing!

class was chaotic! NONthe Less.
it was fun la.

seeing the kids running amok?
at least they were happy (:

such a bittersweet thing.
i managed to see some*favourite students (:

them i certainly will miss.
sighs, teachers have a tough job, NO?

after tht, went to wait for Del,
saw aris and timmy and ben,
along with alicia, sarah and dulcie.

gosh, sarah is seriously dman blurr!

played chor di whilst wating for some humans
to get some barang barang.

went home to shower and stuffx.
then waited for del to fetch me

headed to subang
got chuenny
and STERIOD chicken (:

its seriously damn nice wei.
beats KFC for sure!

definitely going back (:
even tough its like so damn long.

in the meantime.
i main chor di again!?

omg weii, i play chor di like crazy.

the night before since all the dudes were damn good in pool
and i was the only chick.

i bullied some ppl in speed and chor di (:

happyness level back up (:

hahah bullying is good for self esteem.

left the steriod chicken place,
then headed back (:

reached home bout 4.30?
then blogged till now.

lama laaa.

aku lazy :P


no pics,

1 camera with brother!
2. aku lupa!


♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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