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Saturday, December 20

College in the AM's
MLA awards.
Mr Loongs Army Awards to kill your curiosity.

the event was pretty fun.
alot of juniors came.
and the majority of the Broadcasting section.

i am now officially known as PAO! -_-
chialat leee. RAWRR.

now i must change my name bloody hell!

well our turns got switched!
and instead of being second,
we came out first to premier and present.
AIKX, faaaarrk.

so disorganized.
almost everyone lost and late?
irresponsibility and unreliability all around!
ISH, i can't imagine if i have to work with them!
I'd be extremely angry.

punctuality is important.
if you say you'll be there by a certain time?
if you are required to attend something,
you'd bloody fucking well be there damnit!

if your boss says come for a meeting @ blablabla time.
do you say "erm i see first la, very far away la"

farking be there la.
how the hell would you be able to survive in working life man.

anyways, we all though that DMC 09's group
!clicq would win.

but when mr loong came to announce the winner.
we were all like "ah, time to go home"

then, ....

he said "PAO KINGDOM!"

Rachelle and I were like "WTH, you kidding me ar?!"

semua shock.
didnt even go up.

OHOH, as i mentioned.
it was Loh Soon Jun's editing which got chosen.
i hadn't seen it till yesterday.
i actually thought it would be Jared's editing that got chosen.

anyhooo, semua in shock.
snapsnap photos
then pergi coffeeshop makan (:

2 months i'll not be seeing college food and college?


Desmond and James actually came to watch (:
nice of them to come .

cuz desmond was in the MTV video laa.

then headed for some rojak at Mayang.
temaned chuenny,
i actually wanted to go home and KO lorr.
but its okay,
friends are more important than nap time (:
cannnot ditch her kan, lols.

after rojak, HOME!
thank you to mr desmond for dropping me off.

tried to sleep.
but for some dunno what fckn reason?
i couldn't?!
i was tired! i SWEAR!
i wasss.

went online instead.
plans were to head to either Poppy or MOS?
i found out alot of ppl were heading to MOS.

Rachie couldnt join us,
so went to Mcd's with dad and then he dropped me at chuennys.
her parents and granma so adorable la.
young at heart.
sorry i scared your lil bro. haha
the feeling was mutual.

James and Jared came at erm 10smthg?
headed to MCD again! -_-
chen's shirt macam he works for Zouk Out.
i was still wondering why he even bought it! -_-
nvm. personal choices?
haha, someone wansta show off he went to zouk out marr.

OMG when we reached MOS.
the like was damndamn long!
THANK GAWD, to Mr Lee2, Calvin's
reservation (: *phewh!
x yah tunggu.

outside ady banged into Kenshin and Mahasin.
woah. byk poyo's there tough. EEW!
Chuenny and I got in,
but the guys kena ditched outside.
as in Jared, Chen, Lionel and James.
haha, despite the crisis.
Mr Lee 2's face damn chill aje.
haha, i can't believe he's working.
he looks so young?
baby face sial.

i banged into so many ppl.
1 ) Michelle Amanda
2 ) Azriel and Jac
3 ) Sean
4 ) Kenshin
5 ) Melinda, marcus' sister.
6 ) Michelle Wong (:
7 ) Jan Ming
8 ) chi's pet bro edwin.

after getting squished alot.
dancefloor, table, upstairs, downstairs.
went out to sit and get my hearing back.
then some idiot comes and says don't sit here.

second time i went out to sit chuen came and jared too.
we went into the smoking room to stone at the walls (",)

headed to the deq afterwards.
stone and teman mich fag (:
chit chat more.
stone more.
saw alot off PDA -_-
mich said "don't you just wanna go over and say get a room?"
haha YES! absofuckinglutely YES!

stone summore.
then kenshin came down to chit chat.
i kena bully pao again o.o ish!
sit and chat till closing time.

get up sit down get up sit down -_-
why? cuz the guys dunno where to go.
poor lionel died-ed outside.
thanks for letting chen drive us back with yr car (:
much appreciated.

chivas two nights in a row.
erm not to my taste la.
but can tahan.
if its henessy, i'll puke.
heck i'll spit it back into the cup woi.
its POISON i tell you!

headed to 223 after much deliberating.
food (:
home about 4smthg la.

MOS yr music was so potong!
i mean, i can tahan R&B and even enjoy it.
but once you start with the trance and techno!

omg, killjoy!

thank you (:
ps, i believe trance lovers would agree.

once trance starts, you dont want it to stop.
especially if they switch back to R&B -_-
if i wanted more R&B i'd turn on the radio okay.

URGENT * did not kena marah or anything (:


Friday 20th Dec 2008

woke up late.
stone (:
happpy to stone.

"will fetch you around 8, going early"
reality check * kena postpone.

"change plans 9.30 instead"

headed to capsquare after dinner.
"will fetch you at 9.30"
reality - arried at 10.40?

went anyways, WHY!?
TEMPERED MENTAL playing at 10!

-_- reached about 11 something after getting sesated.
babi traffic lights damn screwed up too.

i fell asleep in the car a few times.
waited till sien.

reached capsquare about 11.20?
erm the place like damn dead?
bored summore.
it was pretty la.
but lazy to go camwhore.

initially did want to.
but after i sat down!
FUCK IT, I'm not getting up.
i was in relax mode d. (:

YES i am a lazy girl!
cannot arrrr?

stone stone stone.
me : chuen, you think they *TeperedMental* played d?
chuen : -_- * literally tht expression* they're sitting right behind me -_-
me : oops *DOH*

* even i didnt know i was that blurr. seriously.*

sorrry x.x

met Jessica, Lionels date.
haha she is quite adorable.

anyhoo, headed to Poppy cuz people were dead bored at UrbanAttic.
let down ):

first time in Poppy,
the much heard about place.

its so so la.
i happen to think its too stuffed.
i mean, its not really a place i'd wanna go back to all that often.
maybe once or twice?

cramming makes it potong la.

not just that!
the place is filled to the brim with kids!
like high school kiddies!

they're very bising.

poppy also another one.
x de trance langsung?
semua hits only.

headed to Suku after that.
ish, kena scandal.
haha poor dickson.
i like didnt say anything woi.
if and when i say smthg kena twisted into smthg else.

*better no need*

makan maggi at suku.
supposed to share with chuen.
but after one bite my tummy realised it was hungry.
she only got one bite ):

hahaha, but she didnt wanna eat anyways.
nvm, next time we go eat sushi!

dying for sushi, genting, swimming and also

reached home about 5?
yikes. and here i thought i'd be home earlier?
oh well

OHOH * also didnt kena any lectures.
its definitely cuz i have nothing else to do.
eg, college work? blablablabla.

till next time, toodles!

hahaha*evil grin evil grin*
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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