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Monday, December 29

Dear Lord.

i got a scare tonight, did'nt I?

dad complained of chest pains.
and in less than an hour.
i got a call.

admission into hospital.
heart attack!

H-E-A-R-T A-T-T-A-C-K!

i almost got a heart attack hearing it.

driving to KJMC and SJMC
i just cried.
i didn't wanna lose my daddy.

he hasnt walked me down the wedding ailse.
should i get married?

he hasnt had enough time
he's 54

he hasnt had enough time with me or my brother.
were 18 and 23.

he hasn't scolded me enough
for my bad driving and party habits.

he hasn't thought me how to cook the turkey, shepard pie or the pasta sauce.
not fully at least.

its not his time.
don't take him away.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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