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Tuesday, December 30

hellow readers

i wanna say thank you for the prayers and well wishers.

they are very much appreciated !

btw, dad is stable and out of the CCU.
its the ICU for coronary sector.
he's been moved to a ward (:

which bring relieve to me.

its so hard to see him with all those tubes and stuff.
stuck in a bed.

everytime i see it,
i really wanna cry.
but I don't want my mom or dad to see me sad.
cuz we must stay positive, NO?
i am my mother and fathers daughter, am i not?
therefore, i will be strong.
for them and for me.

he'll get trough this.
this is just a warning from God.
lifestyles must change.

i'm still scared.
but i will smile.

tomorrow will be a better day.

were in SJMC (old wing)
level 2.

thank you for coming to visit.
dad loves the attention (:
its good to know you've got great friends!

to those who've come to visit ever so consistently.

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart.

my family and I are ever so touched.

p.s Daddy I Love You.

i don't say it much,
but you know i do.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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