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Friday, December 19

photos|| so many that they need a whole post.

kaki shopping
kaki clubbing
kaki blogging
you again.

eeesh, fat arms again-_-
babi betul.

anyways introducing mr poser.
wei chen lee.
no i am not pimping people.

well, not this one la.

i hit the roof.
its tough being tall.
short it is (:

Rachel and Marco (:
more new people.

chuen i dickson
see i'm shorter than you wat.

and rachel in the background

earlier tht day in college.
Soon Jun
winning editor.
profiles are not my strength!

i'm pao he's gay (:
summore at night bang into him at MOS, yikes!

freak shot of me and rach.
brown hair red hair.

Rachie and Cayman
winnie (: takajie

MOS 19-12-08

sama sama kena owned


i made everyone squish for this pic.
plus we ady kena push left right and center from
the crowd on the dance floor

hahaha, sexxxyyy glasses

i own the peach top in purple! yikers

Michelle! (:

mr sexy eyes
and miss pout.

the one behind?
yes he's 24/7 perpetually like that.

alex and his sexy eyes.
with chuenny

sorry la.
i couldnt help myself

chuenny - what
melia = *shhhmmilee* grits teeth
alex - uh, *sexy eyes*

chuenny and i
before the bloody usher ushered us elsewhere!
no chairs and cant even sit on the stairs.
SCREW you la.

muka mewajukk

lala (:

lagi lala



Michelle Wong (: Tai Ka Jiee

Kenshin & Chuenny

Muka 5 pagi.
not that bad la.

Lionel (: muscle man haha

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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