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Wednesday, December 17


psychology is done with!

so far i have a B for comp graphics *CG

pr is passed (:
psych is 50/50

tutorial 1 is done! (:

i'm going to Genting on Monday!


mel, xian, chi, jet and whoever has been
looking for me to go out.
now i am free for like 2months??

yea, so now you can call me lorr.
stop complaining.
always saying i'm busy and blablabla.
very free d laaaa!

dont fucking tell me yr busy woi!
will kill you.

i want
1 ) black lable tmrw
2 ) swimming
3 ) dai di sessions
4 ) shopping
5 ) wii!
6 ) moneymoneymoney!
7 ) YC SESSIONS bitch!

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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