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Wednesday, January 28

hellow, mini mini update!

Been so so busy.

1. pd was awesome.
although we hadn't much to do.
and alotta "kelefares" spoilt my mood a little.
i loved the atmosphere.
and it was just so so relaxing!

thank God for the beach and sea breeze!

awesome sunsets (:

can't wait to go again.
but this time
with more of those i know!

abit the sesated!

Movie reviews.
the whole of last week were movie premiers!
i was SO busy!

i missed all of them!

so tomorrow..
i shall watch some movie
and hopefully its damn bloody good.
cuz i dunwanna feel like i've watched another ass movie again!
i've just seen too damn many!

wasting my life?
lol! `nuff said!

CNY has been?
boring, HOT and quite stingy.

first and foremostly.
i now realize my family members are just too DAMN

the first thing they said when seeing dad's admitted to hospt.
is coming forward to say "oh sorry, can't help out. were tight too"

BULLSHIT to some of you.

saying that you'll help whenever we call.
or stuff like "i'll be there, feel free to call!"


i laugh at the sarcasm and ironic tones.
how two faced does that sound?

running away for fear we'll ask you for financial help?
well BOOOO to you.

with family like that, who needs enemies, NO wait; the PLAGUE.

it wiped out hundreds of thousands?
bt yeah, you guys are probably more potent.

burn in hell shmucks!!

anyhoo, ang paus?
yea, small! SMALL is the word.
the packet might be huge,
but the values and amounts?
LESSENED and sad to say, people are really KS.

KS = kiam siap = stingy.

i understand its a recession and all, but those who are
stable and more privileged,
its just being plain stingy laaa.

which is why ;

the poor keep getting poorer and the rich just get, well, RICHER!

sorry for boring the shits outta you guys,
have pictures! tonnes.
'cuz i seem to have little cousins galore this year.
edward, howard, rachel, jared, ian, ethan, miss super adorable joey and little Oliver!
Ethan Joey and Oliver are my favs!
howards so so pinch worthy too.
Ethan is such an awesome baby.
no matter what i do, he smiles and laughs (:

Joey is my future beauty queen.
20months and she already speaks fluently.
understands English, mandrin and canto!
geng (: sayang sial!

plus lil Olly!
gosh! he's a real chip of the old block.
looks exactly like my cousin!
damn! one big baby.
but he's smily all the way (:
i love smily kids.

mainly cuz i'm not very patient with temper tantrums
and hate kids to cry for no reason.

wont blog for abit i gather.
dad's op is on the 2nd.


anyways, if anyone has B+ blood and can donate.
please come to SJMC's blood bank.
New wing - 5th floor.
and donate in the name of HO HOCK MUN.
if yr not B+ but wanna donate.
just go to SJMC and donate in his name.

thank youuuu.

xoxo lotsa <3

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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