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Wednesday, January 7

je ta' dore

damn this week has been a bore.
well, even tough i'm on sem break,
i still go back to college, WHY?

cuz i have one last assignment from the last semester!
its not my fault.
why did this lecturer have to set it this way?
i'm sure all IACT students who've done Computer Graphics would be
cursing the same damn thing?!

well monday we did CG till crazy.
then everything kena reject!
ish! REDO all!
headed to KTZ@ss2 with Jac, Az and Chen.
chilling our bad mood.
but i wasn't happy!
GRR, i ended up eating the weirdest Ham Jing Pang ever!

now i'm craving for a REAL hamjingpang.
*sorry darren, ipMan another day k (:

tuesday think of tutorials.
did 6pages.
gaah, whole day spent like that!

today? wed?
dad's check up.
so i had to go catch a cab or smthg.
not only did i wake up late.
i woke chen up late! AAAH sorry man!
and then! NO CABS!
rawr, they didnt bloody pick up the phone.
so busy merr!
thank god mom called and said they were reaching home (:
phewh* late ady, nanti lagi late!

*chilatlee, you datang aman suria makan. haha
i know wht you went to search for! its damn good (: *drools*

CGCGCG till siao in college.
hahah princess chen has funny stories.
he's always late?
12.40 sent an sms to jac which said "coming"
hahaha mana tau!
reach @ 2?

selalu. his lucky time?

saw mr low and like 50% kao tim (:
who said he's in a good mood?
okay only la.

headed to Ou after that.
Jac wanted her shoes.
but x de d!

chen bought this 200$ shirt!
yikes? nvm la org happy.
haha but i see also i feel like i 'm the one who became 200$ poorer!
jacs face damn funny!

headed arounf topshop and promod.
then to padini.
didnt buy anything?

went to aldo to stare at sky scraper shoes!
WOOO! actually i wanted to try them leopard print!
but naaah, temting myself to pure torture!

headed to curve's padini.
maybe got shoes for jac?
and *ahem* to get my *ahem*bracelet!
(: yay! i have it now.

Mel said its auntie bracelet.
but i dont care!
i like it (:
haha pearls? look exp (:
plus they're classic
always look good for sure!

anyhoo, yumcha @ kimGary after that.
new craptastic crap partners (:
Jac and Mr lee aka Chen.
haha byk crap yo!

what was crapped is confidential (:
headed home after that.
gaah! babikaoomsian drivers.
all jammed!
one road jamm, another also jamm., and another also jamm!

thx to mr lee for the ride back (:
haha sry you had to drive in circles.
lucky no one KO-ed (:

moonshine @ laundry.
and my June is not confirmed coming or not!
): aiyaya. don't ditch me woiiii!

erm, su said i text message like those chinese ed's?
do i? DO I?
NOOOOO~ i dunwanna be a lala mui!

aiii, will crap more later. byeeeee mon cheri

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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