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Friday, February 27

Happy Birthday BF!

i know you love me (:

there's no denying it!

berposing everywhere (:

tengok muka best!

To My Dearest H.Xian (:

aka Seanna.

We've known each other since form3!

before that neither one even knew the other existed!


Well, today is the 27th of February.

which means its been 4 years since we've met!

hurray (:

yaya *happyhappyjoyjoycrapmoments inserted here*

another gila Pink person.

but you remind me more of purple! -__-

i do not know why.

lately crap has occured around our clique.

therefore costing us to not be able to hang out today.

but not to worry! SOON!

just so you know.

you're one of the strongest, smartest and probably most

attractive girls i know! damn

sikit jealose laa!

Love the Roses yea! (:

"miss maid of honour!"and 09 valentine!


♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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