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Friday, March 27

26th March 2009

25th March 2009,

Happy Birthday Jared Lee (:

enjoyed the poo cuppie cakes? =D


26th March 2009

assignment night became Mist Club launch night.

drinks? - sucked

environment? - sucked

people? - felt like college x.x
*not tht i don't like you, sometimes its good to escape*

headed to loklok and Beans
found out whats "mutton go yeah"

taste like Pizza. (:

MCD for discussion, x de wifi.
and suku wifi pun out ):

died-ed kat MCD

headed to AC about 2smthg.
main pool till 3smthg am
waiting for MCD bfast set (:

4am, mcd (:

balik about 4.30.

ko @ 5am

its now 1.30
and were waiting for steroid!

the only photo i really like from last night.

♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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