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Saturday, May 16

Super Hardcore Week!

busy busy week.


Battle For Terra @ Cineleisure Damansara
ok la. the characters looked like sperms? LOL
no kidding yo!
kiddy movie. twas aight

*free movie tickets every month!*

ALsafa after that and home bout 2am

stayed home and played Restaurant City like a mad woman
since yum cha plans semua phail! ):

Watched Star Wars with Jac, Az, Chuen and Eddy @ GSC ou
SUPERB! an absolute must watch!
Headed to Mosin TTDI after
muum Taj naan! * Drools*

Dinner at Subang's famous "Ah Ping"
lol same name!
Pool at AC with Jac, Az, Eddy, Chuen, Zhe, and Jared.

Verdict - ta pao-ed and kena ta pao-ed!
Plus the whole class thinks of me as Pao now!
GAAAH, Jared Lee,this is yr fault!!
but i guess ok la. makes me feel sikit famous!
lol SS moments

Headed to Pyramid afterwards.
watched Sell Out.
Good Malaysian film!
its very very Malaysian,
it does criticize Malaysia,
but hey, its truth!
hinder it not.

but the karaoke moment super random and
such a wtf moment?
but origi
nal (:

liked it 85%
was abit lost 15%

do watch!

Friday - today?
pool with Tim, Kenny, Kennys gf and Chuen @ AC again
back with a new car. no squishing!

poor Chuen had to turd along the rubble and stairs all the way to AC.
we parked in the bird shit attack area.
HEY! it was empty!

Played 4 rounds
me - chuen : 2-2

Headed to Pyramid again after,
watched Angels and Demons!

AAH, anticipated movie! (:
sorry we were a tad bit late! ):

so twisted (:
will not reveal more.

ps, its not really a sequel to The Da Vincci Code
its merely a sister title.
the plot/script is totally different.

tmrw? SWIMMING and who knows what else
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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