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Friday, May 29


pinky pirate ❤ spongebob!

hola humans (:

sorry for the sparse updates. I've been drowning in assignments and exams are in 2 weeks!
plus freedom is tomorrow! TOMORROW! ):

got invited but am unable to go
as I am a bigbig NERD and need to study me arse off so I don't drop in CGPA's ):

yes I do CARE!

and after this weekend i shall kick my butt to study study study! (:

PR ethics! Media Criticism! gaaaah

and not to mention still got assignments you know!
YES assignments! for Digital Imaging (CG) & Photography ):

and its so so mafan! why?
cuz it spills into our holidays! deadlines i mean.

and today we started MORAL classes! like OMG!
mind the bimbo me. GEEEEZ didnt we suffer enough in high school?
i studied moral like mad so I'd not have to bother in college.
and what happens? we HAVE to take it, its C-O-M-P-U-L-S-A-R-Y
and to add on,


why why why why why?

by the way the 24th was me birthday (:
YAY, 19 :P
thanks for the bloggie wishes guys :P
and the sms wishes and the calls.
sorry i didnt know who was who yhea.
switched to the HTC Viva few days prior.

so far its petty cute, but i'm not that much a fan sad to say.
its small and slim and looks cool when you type that screen with the stylus (:

i prefer the stylus when typing cuz my fat fingers keep tapping into the Options panel .:/

i love taking photos, NOT just of myself but of my food and all. BUT the camera is only 2.0 megapixels! which is the same as my sony e! and again! NO FLASH ):

upgrade or not,i really don't know. hmmmm

anyhoo, birthday was held at Zanzi Bar, Hartamas on Saturday instead of Poppy.
Ganjaguru has the same birthday as me. wee~
one of me fav DJ's (:
his cake was so cute.
photos are on facebook (:


no photos of the DJ cake ere. but i snapped a photo of the Infekted sign and it looked awesome (:
macam ade buat CG * comp graphics * but none what-so-ever :P

thanks to Bapa Jared and Chuenny
for the planning :P
stress horr!!

the next day we headed to Tenji, Solaris (:
thanks to Rachie for the discount :P
we enjoyed the food but abit jatuh standard ):
kena owned.

we headed to OU to watch Night at the Museum II afterward,
my feet are still traumatized by heels till today.
the movie was so funny! and that balloon doggy popping around? kawaaiiiii :P


those who came (:

my mouth damn huge weih
the awesome un-photoshopped photo.
tulips (:
thank you Tim and Vina.
stupid boy, faster come back to PJ!
my zoo has expanded (: not too quick
i still need 70% of my bed.
to roll and kick stuff off while i sleep (:

me camwhoring while enjoying the trance music! finally! decent music (:
unfortunately we missed Chris' set?
next time perhaps EVO(:
btw ppl, thats the Viva on the table! slim!
♥☼♫Miss amelia♥♫™

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